Now Live: Panini America Launches New Website for Dragon Ball Z TCG

DBZ Website

The momentum behind the triumphant return of Panini America’s popular Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game to the market last fall after 10 years away just keeps building. On the heels of the now-sold-out return release in October came the still-scorching Heroes & Villains update from earlier this month. Today, company officials launched the official website to support a property that continues to make massive strides.

The new website features sections devoted to the basics of game play, product checklists, rules, a store locator, and direct feeds to the Official Panini America Dragon Ball Z Blog and the company’s social media feeds. The site is live now. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often for updates, new-release information, higher-level organized-play plans and more.

Z Warrior Mailbag – Super Snow Edition (2/3/2015)

Hello everyone! Time continues hurtling toward the release of Heroes and Villains. In just four short weeks, the new cards will be in your hands. That’s only three Mailbag articles from now! With approvals in the final stages, preview cards will start rolling out in the immediate future. Next week, a new “Card of the Week” series will be kicked off with the reveal of a Level 1 MP.  It’s been too cold, but come March the exhilaration of new DBZ matches should warm things up. Continue reading

Z Warrior Mailbag (1/27/2015)

Howdy! The thirst for new information about the next set continues unabated – almost every e-mail received this week was a question about DBZ: Heroes and Villains. The development of the set is still ongoing, and I am excited to see how these cards will impact the tournament scene. I hope everyone is looking forward to the result, and it seems that time is flying towards the March release. On to the questions:

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Z Warrior Mailbag (1/20/2015)

Hello everyone! This week’s mailbag haul featured quite a few questions about the next expansion set. DBZ: Heroes and Villains will be available in early March, and it seems like everyone is dying to know what kind of cards, effects, and characters to expect. While a full rollout of info is still a few weeks off, there is still a lot of new information to be excited about. Let’s begin.

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Z Warrior Mailbag (1/9/2015)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Z Warrior Mailbag! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season, and I know many of you had a chance to attend tournaments with the newly released promo cards and play mat. Moving forward, you’ll see the Tournament Guide posted soon, and information about the “Heroes and Villains” expansion set will trickle in as we inch towards the March release. Now, let’s get to it!

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Panini America Releases CRD, Organized Play Info, Namekian Knowledge Mastery Clarification and More

In this article we’ll discuss the newly posted CRD, learn more about the upcoming tournament schedule, and look ahead to plans for a new Q & A series.

 Current Rulings Document


The Current Rulings Document (“CRD”) is now available, and can be found here. It will also be hosted on, which is nearing completion. The CRD is the definitive source for all DBZ TCG tournament rulings, and it will be updated regularly. While the primary purpose of the CRD is to address advanced rulings scenarios, it also may contain clarifications or updates to card text. Continue reading

Panini America Provides Details on New Playmat, New Promos, More


Both inside and outside of Panini America HQ, fans of the company’s 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game are hurtling headfirst into the heart of the holiday season. But developments are moving just as swiftly regarding the game itself.

In recent weeks, company officials have — among other things — created an amended version of the Official Rule Book, developed a fantastic new Playmat, selected two new Promo Cards, worked with FUNimation on a special Blu-Ray insert and provided details on the Orange Truck Lift card that was missing from the first wave of Starter releases. Below, we provide details on all of that.

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Passion Drives Tournament Play for 2014 Panini Dragon Ball Z TCG

Panini America 2014 Dragon Ball Z Organized Play Pics (2)

It’s been a month since Panini America released the wildly successful 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, an epic relaunch of the popular TCG that has received rave reviews and intense levels of participation in shops across North America.

In the weeks since that historic revival, DBZ gamers new and old have returned to the game in a huge way, creating packed houses and renewed excitement with a series of in-store tournaments.

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