Tuesday Tidbits: Summer Scheming!

MX COTW, giveaway reminders, and more below.

1. NFL Five QB Giveaway

The next set of NFL Five will contain several exciting new Quarterback abilities, including an effect that allows you move a Power Up* onto a different Player. From the pool of Rookie QBs, be on the lookout for an ability that can dictate which Player your opponent assigns to tackle! There are currently over thirty Quarterbacks in the game, and this week’s giveaway asks you to pick the most interesting of the bunch. Be sure to submit any entries before the 26th, then check back on Friday for the results.

*(Power Ups are special type of Action card that attach to a Player – watch for a full breakdown of Power Ups and other new game mechanics in the initial info blowout!)

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Next month’s Attack on Titan giveaway will be based on Push effects (from every set). Today’s spotlight shines on Red Hood – Jason Todd, a dual-stat Rank 7 Character with meager MP gain (and a desirable Trait). While his ability can regularly move a blocked hit to secure a KO, it also has the upside of arranging damage in a way that keeps your opponent’s Characters around. With proper sequencing, this might lock your opponent’s Character Zone entirely!

3. End of June

Friday’s giveaway results will also bring new NFL Five teasers – and stay tuned for the next set’s official release date (along with card spoilers, foil previews, and more) in the near future. Tournament Kit shipments are also currently available, contact OP@paniniamerica.net for more info. Finally, look forward to opportunities to play from home – sponsored webcam events are coming soon!