Four for Friday: QB Giveaway Winners!

See the results below, plus four new teasers for NFL Five.

Before we get to today’s contest results, here are four new facts about the upcoming Legendary cards found in next expansion of NFL Five (watch for the announcement of the official release date soon!):

  • There are 18 Legendary cards in the 2020 set, and one of them is a Power Up.
  • Out of the 17 Legendary Players, there are 4 QBs, 5 WRs, 2 TEs, 1 RB, 2 LBs, 1 CB, 1 DE, and 1 DT.
  • Watch for a defensive Legendary Player that allows you to cancel the abilities of a runner or receiver.
  • Also be on the lookout for an offensive Legendary effect that can Energize two of your Players!

Last week, we announced the start of our NFL Five Quarterback giveaway. Contestants were asked to visit the Panini Games Facebook page to post their choice for the most interesting QB effect in the game, and thirteen different Players received a vote! Lamar Jackson was the definitive leader – with Brady, Wilson, and Brees also standing out from the pack. The three randomly selected winners:

  • Keith M. (Carson Wentz)
  • David R. (Josh Allen)
  • Aaron T. (Tom Brady)


Thanks to everyone that participated, and check back for another chance to win in July!