Tuesday Tidbits: Jumping Into July!

See our plans for July below!

1. July Giveaways

Next month will bring two new opportunities to win a box, starting with a MetaX giveaway on July 3rd! Winners will receive a Booster Box of Attack on Titan – check back on Friday for participation details. After that, a new NFL Five contest will follow at the end of the month (featuring a theme of “Playbooks”).

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Friday’s giveaway prompt will revolve around Push effects, and today’s COTW has the ability to create a “Push engine” that compares favorably to the ever-popular Shazam! Even in builds without a high count of Intelligence BCs, Hush’s effect offers general appeal (along with +2 MP). Abilities that can free up space in your Character Zone are always valuable, and Hush is able to gain a card in the process. In a combo deck, swap this card for key pieces that have been taken as VPs – or enable other VP pile tricks like Steam! Finally, make sure to include at least two copies of this card to allow for a “Hush for Hush” loop in a longer matches.

3. Coming Soon

Pending updates to the MetaX CRD (v2.0) and NFL Five CRD (v1.1) will be released in the coming weeks. NFL Five’s next expansion set is ready to debut – watch for an official announcement of the release date soon (followed by previews, spoilers, launch giveaways, and more). In-person events remain suspended for the time being, but you can still look forward to opportunities to compete in sponsored webcam tournaments – join the official NFL Five Discord for more info!

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