Now Live: Panini America Launches New Website for Dragon Ball Z TCG

DBZ Website

The momentum behind the triumphant return of Panini America’s popular Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game to the market last fall after 10 years away just keeps building. On the heels of the now-sold-out return release in October came the still-scorching Heroes & Villains update from earlier this month. Today, company officials launched the official website to support a property that continues to make massive strides.

The new website features sections devoted to the basics of game play, product checklists, rules, a store locator, and direct feeds to the Official Panini America Dragon Ball Z Blog and the company’s social media feeds. The site is live now. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often for updates, new-release information, higher-level organized-play plans and more.

Teaser: Panini America Breaks One Box of the New Heroes & Villains

Panini America 2015 Dragon Ball Z Heroes & Villains Teaser (3)

Panini America Dragon Ball Z Brand Manager Aik Tongtharadol surprised me earlier today with one hot-off-the-presses box of the company’s highly anticipated Heroes & Villains Booster box. Almost before he turned around and left the marketing office, I had the box opened and the first few packs ripped.

In the Teaser Gallery that follows, we take you pack by pack through that box, which delivered 24 Rares, eight spectacular-looking Foils and a fascinating array of imagery.

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Panini America Releases CRD, Organized Play Info, Namekian Knowledge Mastery Clarification and More

In this article we’ll discuss the newly posted CRD, learn more about the upcoming tournament schedule, and look ahead to plans for a new Q & A series.

 Current Rulings Document


The Current Rulings Document (“CRD”) is now available, and can be found here. It will also be hosted on, which is nearing completion. The CRD is the definitive source for all DBZ TCG tournament rulings, and it will be updated regularly. While the primary purpose of the CRD is to address advanced rulings scenarios, it also may contain clarifications or updates to card text. Continue reading

Panini America Provides Details on New Playmat, New Promos, More


Both inside and outside of Panini America HQ, fans of the company’s 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game are hurtling headfirst into the heart of the holiday season. But developments are moving just as swiftly regarding the game itself.

In recent weeks, company officials have — among other things — created an amended version of the Official Rule Book, developed a fantastic new Playmat, selected two new Promo Cards, worked with FUNimation on a special Blu-Ray insert and provided details on the Orange Truck Lift card that was missing from the first wave of Starter releases. Below, we provide details on all of that.

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Passion Drives Tournament Play for 2014 Panini Dragon Ball Z TCG

Panini America 2014 Dragon Ball Z Organized Play Pics (2)

It’s been a month since Panini America released the wildly successful 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, an epic relaunch of the popular TCG that has received rave reviews and intense levels of participation in shops across North America.

In the weeks since that historic revival, DBZ gamers new and old have returned to the game in a huge way, creating packed houses and renewed excitement with a series of in-store tournaments.

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Panini America Offers New FAQ, Final Batch of Images for 2014 Dragon Ball Z TCG

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

It’s been a glorious week on the Dragon Ball Z front as Panini America’s triumphant reintroduction of the popular Trading Card Game has been met with rave reviews and passionate participation from all over North America. Today, we’re bringing you another batch of must-see images, including all of the preview images that we  provided to our partner sites (at DBZ Top Tier, DBZ Fanatics, Retro DBZ and the Panini DBZ Facebook News Page), San Diego Comic-Con Promo Card images and more.

But before we get to the images, our very own Aik Tongtharadol has provided an all-new FAQ document that addresses many of the questions that have come up in this first week of release. Enjoy and stay tuned to the Official Blog of Panini America Dragon Ball Z for additional coverage.

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Panini America Breaks 24-Pack DBZ Booster; Offers Release-Day FAQs

Panini America 2014 Dragon Ball Z TCG Booster Box Teaser (2)

The big day has arrived. Finally, Panini America’s 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game is live. The triumphant return of the iconic TCG brings with it immense excitement and anticipation. Today, we’re here to fuel that excitement with a gallery that takes you pack-by-pack through one 24-pack Booster Box. We’ll follow up next week with a comprehensive video starring game creator Aik Tongtharadol to discuss some of the highlights from the first full weekend of release.

In fact, it was Tongtharadol and our development team who fashioned a must-read list of release-day FAQs to help veterans and newcomers alike. So we’ll lead with that. Stick around after reading the FAQs for the pack-by-pack gallery.

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Panini America Previews Ultra Rare, Rare Cards in 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

When it comes to previewing Panini America’s highly anticipated 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, we’ve shown you the Commons. We’ve shown you the Uncommons. Today, though, we’re bringing you a thorough preview of Rares and Ultra Rares included in the triumphant return of the Dragon Ball Z TCG, out everywhere tomorrow. The four Ultra Rares shown in the gallery below have yet to be revealed. Many Rares have been previewed on our partner sites at DBZ Top Tier, DBZ Fanatics, Retro DBZ and the Panini DBZ Facebook News Page — the others are shown below for the first time.

The long-awaited release day tomorrow promises to be a busy one here on the Official Blog of Panini America Dragon Ball Z as we’ll provide an insightful Dragon Ball Z FAQ post and a must-see gallery that takes you pack by pack through one 24-pack Booster Box. Until then, though, enjoy the Rares and Ultra Rares that follow.

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Uncommon Occurrence: Previewing Every 2014 Dragon Ball Z TCG Uncommon Card (Gallery)

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

On the heels of yesterday’s revealing look at the Prizm and Common cards coming to Friday’s release of the 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game comes today’s preview of the set’s Uncommon cards. In the gallery below, we showcase 37 as-yet-unseen Uncommons from the set. You can check the previously released Uncommons from our partner sites at DBZ Top Tier, DBZ Fanatics, Retro DBZ and the Panini DBZ Facebook News Page.

Uncommons will be randomly inserted at a rate of four per Booster Pack; Commons will fall roughly six to seven cards per Booster Pack. Check out the gallery below and stay tuned to Panini America’s Official Dragon Ball Z Blog for a must-see preview of the set’s Rare cards.

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