Panini America Releases CRD, Organized Play Info, Namekian Knowledge Mastery Clarification and More

In this article we’ll discuss the newly posted CRD, learn more about the upcoming tournament schedule, and look ahead to plans for a new Q & A series.

 Current Rulings Document


The Current Rulings Document (“CRD”) is now available, and can be found here. It will also be hosted on, which is nearing completion. The CRD is the definitive source for all DBZ TCG tournament rulings, and it will be updated regularly. While the primary purpose of the CRD is to address advanced rulings scenarios, it also may contain clarifications or updates to card text.


Since the release of the game, we have closely monitored the balance of the current environment. Similarly, we have given careful consideration to fan feedback and the insight of tournament players. The decision to change a card is never made lightly, and there will always be a great deal of time and thought put into any potential re-balancing. As always, we will strive to make adjustments in the interest of promoting a balanced game that is filled with meaningful choices and emergent strategies.

Namekian Knowledge Mastery is now considered to read:

“Whenever your effects Rejuvenate or shuffle cards into your Life Deck during combat, raise your anger 1 level. Whenever a Dragon Ball enters play, your opponent destroys the top card of his Life Deck. While you control 1 Dragon Ball, it cannot be captured by a critical damage effect.”

This change goes into effect immediately, as noted in the December 16th edition of the CRD. The Namekian Knowledge Mastery allowed for a passive MPPV strategy, and ultimately served to create a less interactive and competitive landscape. The DBZ TCG will always have room for various styles of deck building, but not at the expense of limiting tactical decisions. The revision serves to decrease Namekian’s ability to gain anger outside of combat, while still allowing its cards to maintain their intended function. Furthermore, Namekian will remain under intense scrutiny as development on the next expansion set progresses.

Organized Play

Though concrete details are still being ironed out, please look forward to a broad expansion of Organized Play in 2015. The upcoming tournament season is planned to include regional level events, as well as large scale competitions hosted by Panini America. Are you eager to prove that Namekian is still a top deck? Do you have an innovative creation to pilot in the newly formed metagame? Prove it in Organized Play in 2015.

Z Warrior Mailbag

The demand for new content and community interaction has been heard, and it will be met with unprecedented levels of support. First, the official Tournament Guide will be posted near the end of the year, and it contains a detailed breakdown of proper tournament procedures. Next, I can tell you on a personal level that your opinion matters. Moving forward, a new article series titled “Z Warrior Mailbag” will address the questions, comments, and concerns of our passionate base of players. Did you pull off a unique combo to eke out a close victory? Do you have a deck concept that needs tweaking, or a perfected list to show off in the spotlight? Send any submissions to with “MAILBAG” in the title, and your message may be featured on the blog. Tournament reports, strategy discussion, and any other DBZ TCG related issues are all fair game. To wrap things up, I’ll leave you with this question of the week:

“How do you feel about the changes to Namekian Knowledge Mastery?”

I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you’re excited about the future of the game!

13 thoughts on “Panini America Releases CRD, Organized Play Info, Namekian Knowledge Mastery Clarification and More

  1. It’s an interesting change. I don’t feel it really addresses some of Namekian’s other issues such as an overpowered card pool and PWC being a ridiculous card. However, it will bring it down a bit, and there are 2-3 really good decks that will greatly benefit from this change. Mostly Ginyu decks, but at least they’ll be different. And Krillin can try and sneak in a bit now, too.

    I’m a lot less concerned for the set 2 environment, though. There’s only so much you can do with a set 1, anyhow.

    I’m sorry you had to answer 28408 emails about being able to lower anger w/crits at 0.

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    • If Piccolo’s Weighted Clothing is a power card for your play group, you are probably playing it wrong, which is what my playgroup did at first.

      You use when entering combat effects before the Defender draws 3 cards.
      Piccolo’s Weighted Clothes is a dead card in your hand if drawn as the defender. because the window to play it has passed.


      • The issue isn’t with the card’s power, but with the extra parenthetical ability. Having an ability to play cards from your discard pile is the issue. Think of it as randomly getting an extra card in your hand that says “gain 2 anger” 2-3 times a game. It’s even mostly protected from being removed by effects since there’s only a small handful of cards that either remove damage instantly or have “hit” effects to do so. Every other time it’s taken as damage, it can be instantly used for what is nearly 2 “free” anger. This is vastly out of balance with other named cards, as this one doesn’t need to be drawn to be useful, nor does it cost a card from your hand when its anger effect is used. it’s also not fun or interesting as a player to have your opponent directly gain anger/effects simply because they took the right card as damage.

        Admittedly, Namekian anger was PWC’s best use, and with that severly toned down, PWC’s strength fell with it. However, it could easily become a problem again in the future if Namekian anger ever rises again. The fact that PWC can easily boost a deck to his insanely good level 2 might also become an issue at some point as well.

        The ONLY thing keeping PWC down is the fact that it’s actual ability is so mediocre.


  2. I would rather you just leave the format alone and fix namekian in the design of the next set. The size of the CRD was a huge part of the problem with getting new players into the game in Score DBZ, Its never intuitive to have cards with a different effect to what is written on them.

    I’m fine with a deck being a little to powerful for a couple of months, as long as future sets address it.

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  3. Being brand new to DBZ I was a tad concerned about why a mastery would allow characters to gain anger by doing nothing. It made no sense to me, and caused a very stale tournament environment. I also come from mostly Wizkids games. A company who doesn’t listen to their customer base, has very OP elements, and mostly doesn’t address them until it is too late, and usually ends up wrecking the game (see Star Trek Attack Wing). I am extremely happy to see Panini act swiftly, and implement a change that makes sense game play and content wise. Great to see.

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  4. Power level errata in the first set leaves a bad taste in my mouth and sets a terrible precedent. Pandora’s Box is open now.


  5. I think this will help with the meta, because at my FLGS the answer for how to deal with Namekian decks was to play Namekian. -.-


  6. To all those doom and gloom types,

    When designing a game, it can be very difficult to catch simple grammar issues that will not be understood the same as the team designing the game. Some games have to do years of play testing and can still have problems.

    I am thankful that Panini has given us back this game and are taking care of any problems that arise.

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  7. I for one run a Namekian Deck, and I couldn’t be happier about this change. The old game had some of the best back and forth exchanges in combat, and this change will force the new, net deckers to understand what combat is really about. Its gonna be a blast to throw down with Ginyu decks Saturday! Thank you Panini for bringing back my favorite card game. Now be a dear and get the rights to Broly ASAP. 😛


  8. I hope the prism slash foil design for the next set makes this one pale in comparison (Remember Saiyan Saga foils compared to Frieza Saga foils, anyone?) and also I didn’t even bother w/ making a Namekian deck due to all the other styles being so much more attractive. CRD’s are much appreciated. I’m Paul Harvey and that’s the rest of the story.


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