Panini America Previews Ultra Rare, Rare Cards in 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game

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When it comes to previewing Panini America’s highly anticipated 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, we’ve shown you the Commons. We’ve shown you the Uncommons. Today, though, we’re bringing you a thorough preview of Rares and Ultra Rares included in the triumphant return of the Dragon Ball Z TCG, out everywhere tomorrow. The four Ultra Rares shown in the gallery below have yet to be revealed. Many Rares have been previewed on our partner sites at DBZ Top Tier, DBZ Fanatics, Retro DBZ and the Panini DBZ Facebook News Page — the others are shown below for the first time.

The long-awaited release day tomorrow promises to be a busy one here on the Official Blog of Panini America Dragon Ball Z as we’ll provide an insightful Dragon Ball Z FAQ post and a must-see gallery that takes you pack by pack through one 24-pack Booster Box. Until then, though, enjoy the Rares and Ultra Rares that follow.

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11 thoughts on “Panini America Previews Ultra Rare, Rare Cards in 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game

  1. So Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam, lets you put cards at the bottom of your life deck which isn’t the same thing as to rejuvenate, so you wouldn’t gain extra anger from the mastery would you?


    • Correct, since the Mastery checks for the keyword Rejuvenate and Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam does not use it, you would not gain any anger from the Mastery.


  2. As another question on the nature of Rejuvenate keywords, Rejuvenate has a numerical modifier indicating the amount of cards you will Rejuvenate. If you have a card that has the effect “HIT: Rejuvenate 1” and another card effect such as Namekian Energy Toss would give that card another instance of “HIT: Rejuvenate 1” do the effects combine into a single action, effectively making the card read “HIT: Rejuvenate 2” or would the card basically act as if it had two separate instances, such that it would look like “HIT: Rejuvenate 1, Rejuvenate 1”

    To further clarify, you have used Namekian Energy Toss, and your next attack you use that combat has “HIT: Rejuvenate 1”. If the attack is successful, would you gain 1 or 2 anger from the modified hit effect.


  3. Can’t wait! And as excited as I am to see the pack opening, you guys have got to stop calling EVERYTHING a “must-see” 😛


  4. So only cards that are Orange text named are considered direct reprints even if the text on the cards is the exact same? I was wondering as “Time is a warriors Tool” is not a orange texted card yet its text is the exact same as the CCPP version?


    • Since the older version has a different card type name, it is not a direct reprint. We don’t want to force newer players to learn multiple names for card types, especially if they are no longer being referenced.


  5. Saiyan Enraged + Saiyan Style Mastery. If both cards that you rejuvenate are saiyan, does that raise you 2, 3, or 4 anger.

    2 anger would mean it doesn’t trigger mastery ( but it uses the ‘rejuvenate’ keyword so I doubt this is the case )

    3 anger would mean the mastery only counts ‘each’ time you rejuvenate saiyan card(s), so you don’t double count.

    4 anger would mean for each saiyan card rejuvenated, you gain 1 anger.


      • To piggy-back off this, does the wording on the Namekian Style Mastery specify that it only counts each instance of rejuvinating or shuffling, and not each card like the Saiyan Mastery?


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