Passion Drives Tournament Play for 2014 Panini Dragon Ball Z TCG

Panini America 2014 Dragon Ball Z Organized Play Pics (2)

It’s been a month since Panini America released the wildly successful 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, an epic relaunch of the popular TCG that has received rave reviews and intense levels of participation in shops across North America.

In the weeks since that historic revival, DBZ gamers new and old have returned to the game in a huge way, creating packed houses and renewed excitement with a series of in-store tournaments.

In the gallery below, we bring you just some of the scenes that have been shared with us showcasing the frenzied tournament activities.

The following images were sent to us by The Game Academy in Orlando, Fla., Hero’s Hideout in Granite City, Ill., Game Master in Hicksville, N.Y., The Castle in Tyler, Texas, Magic Comics and Hobbies in Slidell, La., and organized play events in Lancaster, Calif., and Greenville, S.C.

If you’re interested in hosting a tournament, or simply want to share the results and images from a tournament you’ve already completed, please let us know via email at

Until then, take a look at just some of the intense Dragon Ball Z action that’s been taking place across the country.

5 thoughts on “Passion Drives Tournament Play for 2014 Panini Dragon Ball Z TCG

    • How do we get in touch with Panini for damaged / missing cards from packs and starters? I have been online to their page and nothing about DBZ pops up and how to submit a claim. I see where it shows how to start one, but without correct product in drop boxes it will not allow me to start a claim.

      Very frustrating as I have called several times. left over 10 voicemails. And still no contact back.


      • Hi, sorry for your missing cards. In order to put in a customer service request, please take the following steps:

        1) Go to
        2) Click on Start a Request
        3) Select General Question from the drop down and then click Submit Request
        4) You may have to register if you do not already have an account – please make sure all your information is accurate
        5) Type in your issue and then submit it; someone should get back to you about your issue


  1. I hope ya’ll really like all the photo’s i’ve been sending to you … I’ve been a DBZ CCG player and judge , host since the game first came out and i’m working really hard to ensure that your game gets the players and collectors that it deserves…I love it and I know that my friends do to…….We are a very tight and loyal group…I noticed that 80% of the pictures on this site I took myself and that really makes me feel like our group is making a statement …..Keep up the good work and we will make sure that your work gets put a great use…..

    Thanks ……..Dennis C. Gilliam


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