Giveaways Galore + NFL Mobile Tour!

Two more giveaways, info about the Panini NFL Mobile Tour, and more below!

1. September MetaX Giveaway

Hot on the heels of last week’s NFL Five giveaway, today’s MetaX contest gives you another chance to score! This time around, winners will receive a box of Booster Packs from Green Lantern, Attack on Titan, or Batman. To enter, visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post your response to the following:

What is your favorite MetaX release: Justice League, Green Lantern, Attack on Titan, or Batman?

Be sure to post your response before the winners are announced on Friday, September 27th!

2. MetaManiacs NFL Five Giveaway

For even more fall freebies, also check out a new NFL Five giveaway from MetaManiacs.


3. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Though Dak Prescott’s effect has no quantitative value when compared with Quarterbacks that add yardage, his ability to gain knowledge of the opponent’s hand can allow for more unstopped Plays (and thus potentially generate more yards overall). Dak’s “S” Rarity makes him a standout in various draft formats, including synergy with effects that require your entire team to be exhausted (such as Todd Gurley II). Finally, consider this card’s application in dual-QB lineups for other potential combos.

4. NFL Tour Stop

The Panini NFL Mobile Tour makes its next stop on September 28th at Blowout Cards – The Fantastic Store in Chantilly, VA.


From 12 PM to 4 PM, attendees will be able to check out the latest offerings from Panini -including NFL Five! Panini representatives will be on site to teach the game with Demo Decks, and they’ll also be handing out free copies of P9-19 Eli Manning, P4-19 Josh Allen, and P5-19 Michael Gallup!

Watch for the Panini NFL Mobile Tour to come to a city near you, and check back on Tuesday for a draft spotlight from San Diego.

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