NFL Five Launch Winners!

See the giveaway winners below.

Last week, we announced a giveaway to celebrate the debut of NFL Five. In order to win a box of Booster Packs and two Starter Decks, participants were asked to visit the Panini Games Facebook page and identify as primarily a player, collector, or both.


The three randomly selected winners:

  • Jake C. (Collector)
  • Alexander M. (Player)
  • Joel S. (Both)
  • Ron K. (Both)
  • Vin D. (Player)

Thanks to everyone that entered, and watch for more NFL Five giveaways soon – along with our next MetaX giveaway on Friday! After that, watch for another NFL Five draft spotlight on the 24th. If you’d like your NFL Five event featured on the blog, submit a tournament report (with any photos) to