Heroes & Villains Release Date, At-launch Info, Orange Truck Lift Update

The release of Heroes and Villains is rapidly approaching, and excitement is at an all time high. Here’s everything you need to know leading up to launch:

-The official release date is March 6th. This was originally reported as March 4th, but manufacturing delays have moved things back a bit. Please adjust any “at-launch” events accordingly.

-Much like the first release, “at-launch” kits are available stores who pre-ordered product and notified their distributor that they would like to host an event (during March 6th-March 8th). The suggested format is Sealed Deck, with one Premier Set Starter Deck and three Heroes & Villains booster packs.

For these “Rainbow” sealed events, construct any 60-card deck from your Starter/packs with a Mastery and MP. You may ignore Hero/Villain alignment, you may play any Named cards and you may use a Mastery with different Styled cards in your deck. As a general guideline, Swiss rounds will be comprised of “best of 1” games with forty minute time limits. Of course, these guidelines may always be adjusted at the venue’s discretion.

All prizes included in this kit are new to these launch events, and they include: 20x P11 Trunks’ Sword Slash (participation), 2x P12 Stare Down (top player promo), and one new play mat (for the winner).

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A full list of locations running launch events will be provided in the near future.

-Orange Truck Lift will be in the hands of distributors early next week, and they will be sent to shops that ordered Starter Decks from the first wave of printing. You can redeem the cards at your local store, and you may want to bring a proof of purchase.

That’s all for now, but be sure to check out more Heroes and Villains previews being rolled out on the following sites:

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13 thoughts on “Heroes & Villains Release Date, At-launch Info, Orange Truck Lift Update

  1. just to confirm, release on March 6 means it should be in stores that support this game on that Friday?? i ask because many locals around me have release events on Saturday and Sunday (7th and 8th) respectively…


    • Yes, the release date is when product should be available in stores. We ship close to 10 days earlier to distributors and then they will have to send it out from there.


    • Check with the retailer first and see if there are any plans for them to receive the cards. If not, you will have to go through the customer service channels on the Panini America website.


  2. Will there be new promos for Heroes and Villains cards? You still have a lot of promos to go threw from the first set, so are those older promos going to be prize support threw out Heroes and Villains?


  3. Do you recommend choosing an MP for rainbow sealed or going with the one you get in the starter/if you magically get a personality set in x boosters?


  4. I pre-ordered a couple of boxes from an online site (CCG Castle) but they’re informing me now that they still haven’t received their orders. Further, when I went to our local card shop (listed above) they said they hadn’t received their shipment either. Did something come up? Do we have an estimate for when we’ll be receiving these items?



    • We don’t ship directly to stores or online retailers; those locations will need to check with their distributor to get an update on their order status. Distributors should have their product available, although I know many had weather issues which may have delayed shipments to stores.


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