Heroes & Villains Previews (2/28/2015)

As we come to the conclusion of our Heroes & Villains previews, today’s spotlight is on Heroic Assistance and Villainous Empowerment. With an Ultra Rare ratio of 1:48 packs, players will have more opportunities to try out these uniquely powerful cards.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Heroic Assistance allows targeted recuperation, which is seldom seen. Unlike other cards that access the discard pile, Heroic Assistance is not banished after use. In fact, you even have the option of putting it directly into your Life Deck! In the endgame, it remains useful as a means of setting up a turn to push through lethal damage.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Villainous Empowerment has an equally gaudy suite of valuable effects. Aside from conditional interactions, it is the only Freestyle card in the game that searches for a drill. Utilizing this effect with cards like Black Smoothness Drill will be a powerful new avenue for Villain based control decks. Along with the noteworthy Endurance and ability to blank the board when appropriate, its overall utility cannot be underestimated.

You’ll be able to sit down with these URs up close and personal on March 6th. Check the Store Locator for launch events in your area, and tune in later this week for a full checklist. Finally, be sure not to miss the box breakdown coming next week. Spoiler warning: the foils will leave you astonished.

Heroes & Villains Preview Images (2/21/2015)

When Heroes & Villains releases in just two short weeks, you’ll have to make some tough decisions. As more mid-range cards are introduced into the environment, the metagame will become increasingly dynamic. At the same time, players will agonize over how to fill out those final deck slots. Energetic Left Blast is one example – it doesn’t belong in every deck, but it’s certainly a nice tool to have. While obviously useful against Captain Ginyu or Gohan, it has some general flexibility. For example, destroying your own Bulma for the damage boost, followed by Blue Lunar Ray to return her to play to seal off a different card. Fans of the old DBZ CCG may notice the resemblance to Ribs Broken, which had similar applications. Please enjoy this preview, along with nine other cards in the gallery. Look for Heroes & Villains in stores on March 6th. 

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Heroes and Villains Preview Images (2/18/2015)

When Heroes and Villains releases in March, the amount of viable deck combinations will increase dramatically. Some cards will create entirely new archetypes, while others will provide answers to existing builds. With Orange Crashing Drill, it can also be seen that many preexisting themes will be expanded upon. Consider pairing Orange Crashing Drill with Orange Destruction/Orange Torching Drill, and supplement that with some of the new cards that cycle your own drills. Please enjoy this preview along with nine other cards in the gallery, and look forward to rapidly approaching release!  Continue reading

Z Warrior Mailbag – Three Weeks Remain…

Salutations. It’s been an electric week in the DBZ TCG world, with fresh previews rolling out like there’s no tomorrow. Tenshinhan and Nappa have already stoked the imaginative fire of countless new brews, and there’s still so much more to see! With just a few short weeks remaining until the launch of Heroes and Villains, many fans wrote in with their questions about the expansion.

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