Z Warrior Mailbag – Calm Before the Storm

Hi folks! The anticipation for the March 6th release of Heroes & Villains is at an all time high, and it seems that everyone is taking a deep breath before the plunge! Many players are already busy crafting new decks, and it will be interesting to see how the new format shakes out. For now, here are some fan submissions:

”Will Red ever see the classic ‘Physical Attack doing +3 Stages. Raise your Anger 1.’ that it had on half a dozen cards back in the old days? Red feels like it’s missing many opportunities to lower the opponent rapidly and allow Physicals to do Critical Damage natively, instead of relying on Red Shoulder Grab or Energy Attacks with Red Static Shot or Red Burning Rage.”

-Erik G. from Australia

As the card pool grows, Red’s suite of cards will easily lend themselves to creating a deck that emphasizes physical attacks. In the next set alone, you can expect several flashy new physical combat cards for Red – much beyond than a simple +3!

“We have seen a lot of Garlic Jr. in the new set. Are there plans for a Garlic Jr. personality subset in the near future?”

-Jeff D.

The potential inclusion of a subset is requested frequently, so it’s definitely something we have to consider. As far as Garlic Jr. specifically…you’ll have to wait and see!

“What’s the best UR, and how rare are they? I have pulled two in two boxes.”

-Ron B. from Alaska

The best Ultra Rare is a matter of opinion, but I am personally a fan of Heroic Assistance. You’ll be able to see both of the URs in the final preview galleries posted this week. Not every Hero MP will want to include it, but it enables an entirely new type of deck to emerge. Ultra Rare’s in the first set were 1:72 packs (1:48 in Heroes & Villains), sounds like you got lucky with those two boxes!

“Currently, there is no rule in the rule book or CRD stating that main personalities cannot use their ally counterpart (for example, having Goku as your MP and using him as your own ally). It was a rule in the original game that MPs could not use themselves as allies. Could you clarify this, since the new set will have allies that were MPs in the last set?”
– Bryan B. from Wisconsin

As noted in v1.1 of the rule book (available here and included in all Starter Decks beyond the first wave), you may not include any allies that match the name of your MP.

“I just want to say that our local tourney is psyched about the next set, and most of us have been players since the old days. Are there any plans for more reprints of old cards for those of us who saved our collections?”
-Ron J.

There are six gold text reprints in the next set, including some beefy cards like Blue Face Crunch and Black Upward Dodge. You’ll be able to view them in the upcoming preview galleries, and some of them have been rolled out through various fan sites:

Retro DBZ

DBZ Top Tier

DBZ Fanatics Gaming Network

TAK Games (AU)

Dragon Ball Radio

Panini DBZ Facebook

That’s all for this week! You can have your questions or concerns answered here by sending an e-mail titled “MAILBAG” to dbz@paniniamerica.net. Please use the same address for any rules inquiries, and I look forward to hearing from you!