Card of the Week – Tough as Nails

We’re back again with another Card of the Week, once again turning the spotlight on a new MP from Heroes & Villains. It’s Nail’s time to shine!

Cyan Magenta Yellow BlackCyan Magenta Yellow BlackCyan Magenta Yellow Black

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Nail’s Level 1 Power guarantees that your opponent’s Life Deck is getting smaller, regardless of defense. Physical attacks on Level 1 MPs are extremely powerful, and Nail joins Nappa and Raditz in this exclusive club. Nail – Protector has some combo applications in Black, and generally allows you to continue chipping away your opponent’s Life Deck. Nail – Unflinching will be a welcome addition to Namekian decks, and his modifier allows you to really push through some damage. On Level 4, your massive hand advantage and access to repeated use of Dragon Balls can end the game in short order.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Nail’s Heritage is one of the best blocks in the game. When under duress, it is happy to fill the role of a mini Time is a Warrior’s Tool. In the flow of a normal combat, you can Rejuvenate it for value and save the double block effect for a rainy day.  Nail’s Dashing Attacking has a similar theme of self-recurrence, and provides an automatic Critical Damage effect to trigger Red Enraged Mastery or Orange Adaptive Mastery. It can also be searched out by Namekian Overtime, making Nail a strong choice in several different Styles.

I hope everyone is looking forward to trying Nail in a variety of decks when Heroes & Villains hits store shelves on March 6th!

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