Card of the Week – Blue Positioning Drill

Hi there! It’s time for another Card of the Week, and this time we’ll be looking at one of the best cards in the Premiere Set. Let’s get started:

In many Blue builds, Blue Positioning Drill is the engine that powers the entire strategy. The value of targeted discard pile recursion cannot be overstated, and in this instance you have the luxury of stacking the top of your deck. Without taking any other synergistic interactions into account, Blue Positioning Drill (and the use of Blue Protective Mastery) will bring back at least one card per turn. If you’re facing offensive pressure, you can place Endurance on top to slow the bleeding. If you’re in a slower match, you might grab a Setup or Drill to draw on your next turn. If you have effects that allow you to draw a card, then a key attack like Blue Lunge would also be a good candidate.

Ultimately, many games are won and lost by the amount of action taking place in the discard pile. An unchecked Blue Positioning Drill can completely turn the tide of a game, so make sure you’re prepared to answer it!

5 thoughts on “Card of the Week – Blue Positioning Drill

  1. Blue repremand + dragonball 7 and this card with time is a warriors tool. Just let your opp. Keep declairing and give 0 cares to the world because it’s one long graveyard recursion combo


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