Z Warrior Mailbag – A Bright Future (and Box Winner(s)!)

Hey everybody! The DBZ TCG keeps rolling along, and there is so much more to come. Organized Play details will be revealed as soon as humanly possible, and the prize support might surprise you. Furthermore, the CRD will also be available to download on Monday – thanks for your patience! Aside from that, you can also look forward to the first bits of information about the next expansion set. . .

Before we get to the reader submissions, congratulations to WordPress users “Jonathan” and “brokenscouter”: both of these individuals were randomly chosen as winners of last week’s contest and will receive a box of Heroes & Villains – enjoy! Thanks to everyone who wrote in, and know that your opinions were all read and appreciated. Check back in the future for similar promotions, and next time the lucky winner might be you!

“The rulebook states that anyone trained under a Namekian may use the Namekian Style. Does this include Goku, Tenshinhan, and Krillin as they were trained under Kami?”
-Gavin C.

The only current MPs that use Namekian Knowledge Mastery are Piccolo, Gohan, and Nail. There are other eligible candidates that might be released in future sets, and they will be more clearly defined in the rulebook.

“Will characters/events from the movies will be utilized in the card game? If so, will they be in booster sets?”
-Daniel L. from Georgia

Movie characters will indeed show up in future sets, perhaps even sooner than you think…

“As the cards progress, how will the AT be affected?”
-Clay & Amanda P. from Kentucky

In the old DBZ CCG, new brackets for the attack table were a frequent occurrence. This time around, a lot of consideration was put into the long term implications of AT ranges. You’ll notice that some characters drop down several brackets as they approach zero stages. This is one way of balancing characters with extremely high power stages, rather than new characters being in F at one stage above zero.

In the next set, the AT will remain the same and we will try to keep it so as long as possible.

That’s all for this week, and thanks again to everyone who entered last week’s contest. You can have your questions or comments addressed here by sending an email with “MAILBAG” in the title to dbz@paniniamerica.net. As usual, I’ll close things out with the question of the week:

With information about the next set trickling out, what are you most excited to see in the upcoming expansion?

12 thoughts on “Z Warrior Mailbag – A Bright Future (and Box Winner(s)!)

  1. Number 1 thing that better be in the next set is new Masteries. Some styles desperately need a better one and it would bring much need verity to others. The top personality I want to see is Cell (gives Namekian it’s first villain). I would really like to see Gold Frieza and Bojack if you’re hinting at movie cards.


  2. I am so excited to see more garlic Jr an older movie based characters as well as new movie based characters like vegetas brother and god vegeta and golden frieza.


    • If panini pushes all the way to cell already i might as well sell my cards now. Score had a problem with the longevity of this game. Give us tons of filler and new masterys. Mp’s and littke things are nice but i want a game thats gonna be new in 4 years. The next set should be the first 2 movies. Tree of might an. Dead zone. As well as black water mist from the show. Give us filler. Give us variants. I dont want to see the op characters yet, if your gonna do it than do it right… Skipping around and just doing whatever will ruin this game and it’s long term status like it did for score… 4 months between sets. 3 sets a year. Slow and steady. The rest of frieza and intro to adroids next. With 2 filler sets… Movies 3 and 4 introducing cooler. Then androids and intro to cell then the filler up through super 13. cell and cell games with a ton of filler. Celestial games and filler with movies broly. Throw in some great sayaman and maybe a little majin and filler then buu saga and super buu saga. Movies… Wrap it up in 6 years or 7 years with a intro to gt… Would give the game a 8 year life span before jumping into the 4 or 5 year gt sets… Im the type of person to make the good things last… I still have Halloween candy for god sake…. I just wanna see this game last. Score messed up and worried more about $$$ right now rather than money over time and more of it at that… You never know what this game could do for you.


  3. I’m most looking forward to new Gohan Main Personality cards.
    He got a bit of the shaft as far as set 1 was concerned (which makes sense in context. He wasn’t a full fledged fighter yet).

    Other than that, I’m looking forward to Lord Slug in general, though I doubt he’ll make a Set 3 Release. I just need a Villain Namekian so I can cut Palm Shots and Flinch for Face Smash and free up some deck space!


  4. based on the general power and the potential power of characters in the next set. Personalities from the first 5 movies seem very likely if we get a super saiyan vegeta card maybe up to movie 7 for the time being. Turles, Lord Slug, Cooler, maybe cooler armored squad card synergy with ginyu (not that I think he needs anymore advantages). I feel like masteries would be nice but would only feel appropriate if we got a new set of starter personalities that had synergy with the new masteries… cause I don’t want masteries in my boosters maybe I wouldnt mind it if the mastery cards were uncommon.


  5. New masteries will provide new play styles, and a lot of colors, are getting really stale with out more options. please release more villians ony 3 in the first set, and 2 in set 2, villians need a set with more villian personalities, and options to open up villian decks.


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