Card of the Week – Orange Devouring Drill

Hi folks! It’s time for another Card of the Week, and in this edition we’ll be exploring Orange Devouring Drill.

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While Orange has remained conspicuously quiet in the new environment, it sill has access to some of the most undeniably powerful cards in the game. There are several other effects that allow you to permanently advance a personality level, but only Orange Devouring Drill does so without raising your anger. This means that you can dodge the effects of cards like Gohan – Trained or Wall Breaker, while still maintaining your current anger level after advancing your MP.

Automatically leveling up is plainly useful, but the ability to do so outside of combat is exponentially more valuable. This allows Orange Devouring Drill to have applications in almost every archetype imaginable, even in Orange builds with a low drill count. Offensively, it generates massive amounts of tempo in the form of higher Power Levels, free stages, and early access to specific MP Powers. For example, Orange Nail becomes an attractive choice in a control heavy metagame due to its consistent ability to hit Level 2. In a more control-oriented build, Orange Devouring Drill generates defensive advantages while stabilizing towards a late game finish.

Regardless of your overarching strategy, its likely that Orange Devouring Drill has a relevant tactical application. Out of all the perceived boogeymen in the DBZ TCG, only Orange Devouring Drill keeps me awake at night. . .

4 thoughts on “Card of the Week – Orange Devouring Drill

  1. Orange barely interacts with it though. Only 1 card Plays a Drill, the rest Place it into Play and you need that speed or don’t run many Drills outside of the essentials. This instantly makes Devouring Drill of vastly less value than Goku’s Kaio-Ken, Ginyu’s Body Change and Zarbon.


    • It would probably be too OP if “placed into play” worked with this. It’s a more useful card for non Goku/Ginyu decks. Also, who knows what kind of cards Orange will get in the future. I like it. It has a nice place in the game.


      • I agree, but it lacks enough card redundancy right now to be as good as Ritchie is projecting it as. Orange is my main, has been since day 1 PanZ, and I really love the Goku Destruction build this has more synergy with, it’s just not as good as a Kaio-Ken.


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