Z Warrior Mailbag – Weekend Update

Hello everyone, and welcome to a weekend edition of the Mailbag. The next set was officially revealed this week – Movie Collection. Garlic Jr., Dr. Wheelo, Lord Slug, and Turles have all been confirmed as MPs, and I think you’ll be surprised by some of their Powers! In the coming weeks, we’ll roll out more details leading up to the June release. Now, on to the questions:

“All Allies having a level declared as “Level 1” has been bugging me for a while now. Is the declared level of an ally a foreshadowing for a possibility of leveling up allies in future sets?”
Brandon C.

Playing Allies of different levels appeared in various forms in the old game, and it’s definitely possible that something like that may be implemented in the future. However, there are no specific plans for that at the moment. If higher level Allies required your MP to be on Level 2 (or had an overlay mechanic), they would need significantly increased effects to counteract the cost.

“Are there any plans to release something along the lines of a Capsule Corp Power Pack or Collector’s Tin in the future?”
Jonathan H. from South Carolina

I think at some point there will certainly be non-booster pack products along the lines of the CCPP. That kind of release seems like the best candidate for some reprinted cards, were we ever to go down that path. Is this something most people would be interested in? Hmm. . .

“I am more of a collector than a player and I was just wondering about the promos that have yet to be released from Set 1 that are listed in the checklist. Will they be coming out anytime soon?”
Andre A.

They’ll continue to be released through tournament kits, and potentially at various Organized Play events. Ultimately, all of the revealed promos on the checklist will be released to complete your collection.

“With the new movie “Revival of F” coming out and possibly coming to theatre this summer, will we see promo levels for this movie also like there was with God Goku at SDCC?”
Blake E. from Illinois

It’s a great time to be a Dragon Ball fan, as the series has begun releasing new content for the first time in many years. Much like the promotion for Battle of the Gods, you’re likely to see a little something special at San Diego Comic Con for Revival of F. It seems that Frieza is really getting a lot of attention in the game lately, watch out for what’s next!

That brings us to the end of this week’s questions, thanks to all who sent in their thoughts. You can have your question or comment answered here by sending a message titled “MAILBAG” to dbz@paninimerica.net. You can send any rulings inquiries to the same address. With the next set on the horizon, everyone is sure to indulge in speculation. For the question of the week:

Which of the newly announced MPs do you find the most intriguing?

14 thoughts on “Z Warrior Mailbag – Weekend Update

  1. I find Turles may be the most intriguing. Would give the Saiyan Style another Villian personality and he could have named Drill (a first so far in the Pan Z game to date) with the Tree of Might that may boost the amount of damage his attacks do or help Turles gain anger to reach a new personality level.
    Plus out of the other 3 movies, the Tree of Might was the best….atleast IMO.lol


    • Still hate con/tournament only only cards. I wish there was a way they would make those exclusives timed. For example, if they released God Goku in the next set, so that all the players that have him from the con got him through 2 sets before anyone else, I would be happy with that. I can wait if it’s guaranteed to come out eventually…

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  2. Need Cooler!!! By far he is my ninth favorite charetor #10. Majin Vegeta #9. Cooler #8. Pikon #7. Janemba #6. Majin Buu #5. Super Buu #4. Kid Buu #3. Baby Vegeta #2. Nova Shenron #1. Lord Beerus.


  3. dr. wheelo is still one of favorite and best decks ive ever made in scores game. I hope you keep him in the same spirit. i called it the blender of doom it just picked them apart and I won a few tournaments with it


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