Card of the Week – Saiyan Offensive Rush

We’re back with another Card of the Week! In this edition, we’ll focus on an overlooked Setup from the Premiere Set.

Saiyan is known for its aggressive offense, and most builds contain a low Setup count. When building a deck with Saiyan Offensive Rush, you might consider an alternative strategy based around setting up a few large combats. If you manage to activate two copies in the same combat, the game can end in short order!

Entering combat with cards like Saiyan Domination or Saiyan Energy Toss is a powerful tactic in this type of deck. Similarly, Trunks is well suited to exploit openings in a few key bursts of damage. Finally, make sure to note that “paying” stages is different from “losing” stages – so you’ll always be able to activate the effect in a pinch.

One thought on “Card of the Week – Saiyan Offensive Rush

  1. If only it said Gain 1 Anger… if only… then it would be more viable, border line staple, or if it was a “When entering combat”, if it was either of those things, it would be good. Great even. But it’s not…


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