Z Warrior Mailbag – TGIF Edition

Hi folks! Development has been humming along on The Movie Collection, and things are looking spicy. The next set is sure to have a huge impact on the metagame, so Regionals should be exciting! The late June release is rapidly approaching – previews will be here before you know it. Let’s get to the questions:

“Will the already released MPs get new Personality Cards next release? We would love a new alternate Vegeta level 1.”


Timothy N. from Florida

All of the MP cards in The Movie Collection are for the new characters – Dr. Wheelo, Lord Slug, Garlic Jr., and Turles. Looking ahead, you’ll definitely see new MP levels for many of the characters released in the Premiere Set.

“I was hoping you could tell me how we would be able to secure a spot to play in the Gen Con Qualifier since as of now the attendance is limited to 64.”

-Michael M.

Please keep an eye on the Gen Con site for the opening of event ticket registration. Keep in mind that specific event tickets have priority over generic tickets, which will only be used if there is available space or if specific event ticket holders do not show up.

It’s also possible that more than 64 entrants will be allowed to register on the day of the event, but that is reliant on seating availability.

“Does Panini take into account players desires, because from what I see Red is lacking. Will anything be done to improve Red such as a new Red Mastery?”

-Terry S. from Texas

Some of the Red Style’s themes have taken a while to fill out, but it’s certainly maturing into something with a significant role in the environment. We are aware of the fact that Red could use a little extra oomph, and based on what I’ve seen so far – watch out!

“I know the Villains will be the MPs for set 3, but what is the Ally situation? Will we be seeing any Hero Allies in the new set?”

-Robert D.

The Movie Collection will contain eight Allies, with an even split of four Heroes and four Villains. Begin speculation!

That’s all for now, and you can have your question or comment addressed here by messaging dbz@paniniamerica.net with “MAILBAG” in the title. Please include your name and location, and use the same address for any ruling inquiries. I’ll close with the question of the week:

Now that some of the dust has settled, which of the Heroes & Villains MP have you found the most useful? 

12 thoughts on “Z Warrior Mailbag – TGIF Edition

  1. Red piccolo with red leap abuse is pretty nasty. Also level manipulation.
    Leads to some high dmg combats.


  2. Tenshinhan, always and forever. He is the second viable Red level hopper MP, being able to freely level up into lvl 4 from using Red Overpower and retain stages and filter a effectively 7 card hand barring the printed level 3 ability from starting combat with Red overpower in Tien lvl 4. Also he gets you rolling with into the levels by fishing for his preps to catapult without needing stages and the ability to keep opponents down to make Red Leaps more viable and powerful if used for their attack.


    • without a obvious method of amending posts: another reason is the ability to get to lvl 4 within first combat at lvl 1 with reliability if entering on 4 card hand without wasting spots with gain 6 anger events; though you invalidate MPPV thoroughly off of lvl 3 ability


  3. i’m curious about red… i played red all the time in the old scoreZ but due to its lacking in panZ so far i only play it rarely.


    • Oh, Red is good-ish.
      It has powerful cards.
      It can easily chain up from level 1 to level 4, but it’s damage output is so-so if you go the physical route and it’s way too dependent on the Main Personality you use.

      What it lacks is the basics, though, which is what makes it frustrating for me.
      I’m yearning for some Physical +2 Raise your Anger 1 with 2 Endurance and Physical +3 Raise your Anger 1 with 1 Endurance.
      I’m also really longing for some physical damage mods.
      Here’s hoping we get a Red Style Mastery like the one from Cell Saga for my Red Raditz deck.


  4. These are the top 10 most represented decks that find success at reported set 2 tournaments according to dbztoptier.com
    1. Namekian Piccolo 24.4%
    2. Black Krillin 17.6%
    3. Blue Ginyu 13.4%
    4. Orange Ginyu 9.8%
    5. Black Ginyu 7.8%
    5. Saiyan Vegeta 7.8%
    7. Namekian Nail 5.7%
    8. Blue Godku 4.7%
    9. Orange Goku 3.6%
    10. Red Piccolo 2.6%
    10. Saiyan Nappa 2.6%

    Red is severely underrepresented and I’m glad that you guys are focusing on it for the release of set 3. I am really hoping for some awesome Red previews soon!


  5. I think the hero allies will be Kami, Icarus, Roshi, and Oolong
    I assume each villian will get 1 henchmen


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