Card of the Week – Black Taunt

Welcome to another Card of the Week! In this edition, the spotlight shines on a crafty Event from the Premiere Set.

Black Taunt is a slightly modified reprint from the Androids Saga (2001 DBZ CCG). While Black Taunt did not see much play in the old game, it was somewhat reborn in Dragon Ball GT with the release of Black Broly Blast. It went on to become one of the best cards in the game, so how can that be applied to Black Taunt?

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Black Broly Blast was effective on defense, as it disrupted any strong hands. Offensively, the blind draws often left your opponent vulnerable – not to mention that Black Broly Blast was itself a damaging attack. Though Black Taunt can destroy a significant number of cards, it does not lend itself well to leading combat like Black Broly Blast. Since it doesn’t have much application in a pure beatdown deck, you’re more likely to maximize its value in something that leans more towards the midrange or control. Utilizing Black Taunt can buy time to seize control of the game, and it chips in some “unstoppable damage” while you build towards your finish. It can be hard to fit into a decklist, but give it a try!

2 thoughts on “Card of the Week – Black Taunt

  1. I agree with it’s defensive use, but there are some reasons it’s lacking.

    Having negative card economy on a defensive card isn’t very good.
    (I use a card reducing my hand size and your total card count doesn’t change).

    The negative card economy wouldn’t matter as much if it were ‘Use When Entering Combat’, but it would make it less useful offensively.
    (Use when entering Combat gets the initiative on an aggressive opponent before they fire off a card, but not being able to sit on it until their Anger raises makes it destroy less cards in general.)

    On the whole, because it’s in the middle of offense and defense, but doesn’t do either particularly well, I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5.


    • i agree with you totally. it has it uses but it would be hard to find a spot for it when there are so many better choices in a black deck already.


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