DBZ TCG Organized Play Details

June 5, 2015 (LOS ANGELES, CA) – Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game will begin its first season of Organized Play this July, featuring over $40,000 in cash prizes.

Starting in July, players of all experience levels will be able to participate in Organized Play for the DBZ TCG. The season is comprised of twelve Regionals and three qualifiers, culminating in an end-of-year World Championship.


Date Location Venue
7/25 Salem, OR Wild Things Games
8/8 Charlottesville, VA The End Games
8/15 Avondale, AZ Play or Draw
8/22 Lenexa, KS Collector’s Cache
9/5 Elizabethtown, KY Hard Knox Games
9/12 Selden, NY Brothers Grim Games and Collectibles
9/19 Fargo, ND Paradox Games & Comics
10/10 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Game Center
10/17 Buffalo Grove, IL Nerd Rage Gaming
10/24 Pueblo, CO Chaos Games & More
10/31 Vacaville, CA Forgotten Path Games
11/7 Grapevine, TX Area 51 Gaming & Collectibles

All participants in these events will receive a copy of P10 Saiyan Outrage, P12 Orange Possession Drill, and P4 Wall Breaker:

Cyan Magenta Yellow BlackCyan Magenta Yellow BlackCyan Magenta Yellow Black

Players that qualify for the top cut will receive a playset of P6 Withering Fire and P8 Black Enraged Assault.

Cyan Magenta Yellow BlackCyan Magenta Yellow Black

Regardless of attendance, each Regional has a guaranteed purse of $2,000.

1st $1,000*
2nd $500*
3rd – 4th $150
5th – 8th $50

*The finalists from each Regional will also receive an invite to Worlds. If a player would receive more than one invite, that invite is grandfathered down to the next highest performer from that event. All players that earn cash prizes must fill out a W-9 form, which is available (here).

Aside from earning invites at Regionals, players can also qualify for Worlds at these premium events:


Date Location Venue
8/1 Indianapolis, IN Gen Con
10/10 Melbourne (AUS) TAK Games
TBA Toronto (CAN) TBA

All participants will receive an alternate art promo version of Orange Power Point, Devastating Blow, and Black Power Up! Additionally, all players that qualify for the top cut will receive promo playsets of Blue Betrayal and Red Shoulder Grab.

The top four players from Gen Con will receive invites to Worlds, and the winner will have the opportunity to design a card for future release. The finalists from Melbourne and Toronto will also receive invites to Worlds.


The first Dragon Ball Z TCG World Championship will take place in Texas on December 5th, 2015. Though an invite is required to participate in the event, all players may attend to spectate.

All participants in the event (and a select number of top performers throughout the season) will receive alternate art playsets of Heroic Energy Sphere, Villainous Energy Sphere, Saiyan Energy Focus, Namekian Onslaught, and all five Qualifier promos! Championship trophies will be awarded to all players that advance to the second round of top cut (“Top 8”), and the tournament has a prize purse of $16,000.

1st $7,000
2nd $2,500
3rd – 4th $1,250
5th – 8th $500
9th – 16th $250

In addition to all of these prizes, each event will also award sealed product (contact your venue for specific details). Any player attending Organized Play events will need to be fully familiar with the Tournament Guide and CRD, available (here). Players will also want to update their decks with cards from The Movie Collection, which is slated to release on June 26th.

17 thoughts on “DBZ TCG Organized Play Details

    • I wish there were some Canadian Regionals dates. I live in Alberta and traveling to the Toronto Worlds Qualifier won’t be possible.


  1. Just to clarify: the alternate art promos for Worlds is listed as “…a playset of…”, so does that mean all players in attendance will recieve Heroic Energy Sphere x3, Villainous Energy Sphere x3, and so forth?


  2. Fantastic job Panini! I love the prize support and the cash prizes! The participation promo’s alone are worth going! My wife and I will try our best to get invites to Worlds because the alternate art for Heroic Energy Spheres and Villainous Spheres are worth the effort! I am so excited! I will continue to insist my other friends to convert from different TCG competitive play into DBZ! 🙂


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  5. i was wondering if panini has given a decision if the new set will be usable in the regionals in C.A. on release day, i’m hoping not because it is usually standard to releases sets on no regional/major event weekend because it gives the players fair time to look at the new set and judge how they can change their own decks. I’m just trying to get my an understanding to see if i need to do last minute(untesed most likely) changes for regionals?


    • As mentioned in the Tournament Guide, sets are legal one week after the release date. Set 4 will not be legal for the California event but will be legal for Texas.


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