Card of the Week – Red Blaze

Hello everyone! Previews for The Movie Collection will begin next Tuesday, bringing this era of Heroes & Villains to an end. The next set enables some entirely new archetypes1, but you’ll also find cards that augment existing strategies. For example, DBV and/or MPPV2 decks will have vastly increased options in the new environment. This week, we’ll examine a card from the Premiere Set that is sure to be a key component of many future Red MPPV decks.

Red Blazing Aura compares favorably to a block. In a combat where you are attacked at least twice, it usually saves you more damage than a block would have done. This comes at the cost of an action, and it does leave you susceptible to HIT effects. However, those are minor concerns if your strategy is to gain anger as quickly as possible.

Red Blazing Aura raises your anger outright, but it also serves to protect you from Critical Damage. Since Red has such a low amount of Endurance, being able to shrug off most attacks (including Krillin’s Destructo Disk!) is a huge boon. When properly sequenced with cards like Red City Destruction and Red Destiny3, you can string together multiple combats without fearing Critical Damage Effects.

1 – For example, you might want to dust off your playsets of Black [REDACTED] from the Premiere Set. Oh come on, it’s just Black [REDACTED]. Black [REDACTED]. Black [REDACTED]. Black Lightning Storm. Aha!

2 – I know what you’re thinking right now. “A deck that wins by Dragon Ball Victory AND Most Powerful Personality Victory? Pfft, Namekian.” Well, it’s not that. Let’s just call the secret MP I’m referring to “Garlic J.” Actually, that’s too obvious. Anyway, “G Junior” is a real MPPV threat with some affinity for DBV. Enjoy speculating on which MP this could possibly be!

3 – Red Setups are often passed over, but Red Relaxation will be hard to overlook. Mentally, I would condition myself to expect a very powerful effect on that card. Tien.

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