Card of the Week – Welcome to the Dead Zone

Garlic Jr. creates a race against time, as his Powers enable him to pursue both MPPV and DBV with blistering speed!

Garlic Jr. Level 1 ensures that you’ll advance with extreme consistency, even against Blue Protective Mastery. The damage modifier makes cards like Krillin’s Destructo Disk unable to deal Critical Damage, which might protect an early Dragon Ball.

On Garlic Jr. – Crazed, energy attacks without modification will have a difficult time dealing Critical Damage – shielding you from anger lowering/Dragon Ball capturing effects. Meanwhile, the amount of damage that you do take will raise your anger whenever a Dragon Ball is revealed.

His Level 3 modifier provides even more resiliency. In Orange, it’s easy to envision Garlic Jr. hitting Level 3 with Orange Hiding Drill and Namek Dragon Ball 6 in play. Your opponent will also have to think twice about capturing a Dragon Ball, as your Power makes it easy to snatch them back.

Things get real when you reach Garlic Jr. – Transformed. Can you gain 5 anger and win by MPPV before your opponent’s massive damage becomes overwhelming? Or, does taking extra damage actually help you find your Dragon Balls quicker for a last second DBV? The tension at the end of any Garlic Jr. match is always an exciting experience. . .

Garlic Jr.’s Counter Blast is an efficient energy attack, and it joins Enraged Blast in providing a flexible foundation for any speed anger deck. At the same time, it provides a similar role to combat leading cards like Red Destiny and Red Blazing Aura. Whenever Garlic Jr. opens with an effect that further modifies damage, he is most likely safe from having his anger lowered by Crits. Garlic Jr.’s Dead Zone is not as generally applicable, but it is a bombastic effect when properly featured.

Master Roshi impacts an enormous amount of cards. Captain Ginyu, Black Scout Maneuver, Orange Uppercut, Kami, Namekian Overtime, Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon, Red Right Punch – these are just a few of the powerhouse effects that are shut down by the turtle hermit!

Red Restriction is the most disruptive effect in the game, and it enables aggressive Red decks to find windows for productive turns against control. Aside from turning off cards like Black Power Up and Confrontation, the card also replaces itself and cycles another card out of your hand. It has obvious synergy with some MPs like Trunks, and it can gain even more value by discarding a card like Red Sacrifice. Be prepared to face this card!

Orange Captivity Drill provides fuel for Orange decks that are active in combat. There are a lot of cards in The Movie Collection that promote a highly interactive build of midrange Orange. 

Saiyan Upward Kick is a sizable attack on its own, but the immediate effect can be crippling at certain junctures. In combination with effects like Saiyan Hanging Out Drill or Nappa – Smirking, it’s possible to string together multiple combats of total lockdown.

Dragon Ball Victory continues to gain new tools, and Information Gathering helps cement it as a viable choice. Decks that rely solely on Dragon Ball Victory will now have an answer to banished Dragon Balls, which is especially relevant in the Namekian matchup.

9 thoughts on “Card of the Week – Welcome to the Dead Zone

  1. So many good cards here. A buffed Saiyan Beef is amazingly good. Buu’s Fury on a Red Event is also nuts. Garlic Jr. is interesting and very good. He may in fact turn out to be too strong. Roshi is an amazing counter to Ginyu, Black, and tons of cards.


  2. Wow! This is the coolest preview yet. That red card is insane, i already want to build an entire deck around it.


  3. Garlic Junior is awesome, but I really don’t like the suicide effect on his level 4. You guys made other incredibly strong L4 personalities with no downsides, I believe you should have done the same here. Also why the super low power levels on his l2 and l3? Are you passing on his tv show stats completely?


    • The Level 4 damage buff to the opponent seems rough.
      Luckily it does put you opponent in a weird place.
      You can’t steal his Dragon Balls.
      If you lower his Anger, he gets to steal YOUR Dragon Balls.
      It kind of puts them in between a Rock and a Hard Pace with MPPV and DBV if there are no allies to destroy.
      Plus… if Garlic Jr lowers his anger voluntarily, he still gets to steal a Dragon Ball.


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