Regionals Participation Points and Live Streaming from Oregon (7/27 Edit)

(Edited 7/27)

Hi folks! It’s Regionals Eve, and you’ll want to make sure you get the full breakdown on Regionals Participation Points. 

Regional Participation: 5 points

Regional Top Cut: 1 additional point

Regional Participation Points will be used to determine rewards at the end of the season. The top non-invited points earner* will receive one copy of each 2015 Dragon Ball Z Championship participation promo, including alternate art Energy Spheres!

Kicking things off this weekend will be the Oregon Regional hosted by Wild Things Games.  You’ll be able to watch portions of the event live, via Wild Things Games’ stream:

You can see the full schedule of events and information about preregistration by checking out the the OP sidebar links. 


*If more than 10 players have the same number of Regional Participation Points, we will reward the 10 players that have the highest total Swiss-round scoring throughout the Regional season.

3 thoughts on “Regionals Participation Points and Live Streaming from Oregon (7/27 Edit)

  1. Just a question, since it didn’t specify in the post, will those who get the invite to worlds be eligible for the “most points” promos as well?


    • I’ve edited the original story. The rewards will go to the top points player who is not already invited to the Championship (since they are already getting those cards by qualifying).


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