Wild Things Games Regional Updates (T4 Pairings)

IMG_9010Hi folks! Check back throughout the day for live coverage and updates from the first Regional of the season!

IMG_9005 (1)

Also, check out the live stream from Wild Things Games for a look into the action: http://www.twitch.tv/wildthingsgames


Round 1 is underway! Metagame breakdown at a glance:

Black – 21

Orange – 10

Red – 14

Saiyan – 7

Namekian – 14

Blue – 16



Round 2 is about halfway through, and the competition is heating up! Some end of round action:



Gohan Namekian at the top table in Round 5! Two rounds left until Top Cut.




Top 16 is underway!





T8: Namekian Piccolo, Blue Piccolo, Black Krillin, Blue Ginyu, Namekian Slug, Red Tenshinhan, Namekian Slug, Black Wheelo

T4: Blue Piccolo (Jacob S.) vs. Blue Ginyu (Elmer W.)

Red Tenshinhan (Matt R.)  vs. Namekian (Bryce S.)

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