Gen-Con Weekend

Fresh off of last week’s Regional, the DBZ TCG heads to Gen-Con for events this Friday/Saturday/Sunday!

Friday – Sealed Deck

If you are participating in the sealed deck event Friday at 4:00 p.m., please come to Hall B and look for the Green tables numbered 59-64.  You will need your event ticket, and we will only take generic tickets if some pre-registered players do not show up.  Standard rainbow rules will be in effect for this event, which will use Premiere Set starter decks and Movie Collection booster packs.

Saturday – Worlds Qualifier

The Worlds Qualifier will start at 10 a.m. but we will be there ahead of time for registration.  It is strongly recommended that you arrive early and with your deck list completed so everyone can start on time.  You can also stop by on Friday and turn in your list and event ticket to skip the Saturday rush.  Also held in Hall B, the Qualifier will be on the White tables numbered 15-46 with our registration area by tables 45 and 46.

For those of you that want to be updated on the results from home, we will have a frequently updated blog post rolling and for live streaming coverage, visit  Both of these will also be up and running on Sunday for the Top Cut rounds as well.

Sunday – Top Cut

Continuing on from Saturday, the Sunday event is for Top Cut players only and will start at 10 a.m. on Green tables numbered 51-56.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Indianapolis and we hope those of you that can’t make it will follow the action online!

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