Gen-Con Qualifier Update

Hello everyone! We’re here live at Gen-Con with 213 players! Check back throughout the day for live updates and coverage.

You can also catch live streaming coverage at

Approximate meta breakdown:

Saiyan – 12

Orange – 24

Namekian – 29

Red – 30

Blue – 57

Black – 59

Top 16 begins Sunday at 10 AM! Tune into for more live video coverage, and we’ll update the blog as the top cut narrows down!


Aik announcesT16…

Jay Banna 

Timothy Dennis 

Shaun Hindman 

Andrew Keller 

Brandon Maupin 

 Jarret McBride 

Jeff Mongon 

Phil McGrath 

David Pena 

Justin Roberts

Arvel Rowe 

Alec Ruden 

Bryan Stackiewicz 

Elmer Walter 

Joseph Walter 

Dillon Warren 

T16 Decks:  

Black Krillin x2 

Black Captain Ginyu x3 

Blue Krillin 

Blue Dr. Wheelo 

Blue Piccolo x2 

Blue Nappa 

Blue Captain Ginyu x2 

Namekian Lord Slug 

Orange Captain Ginyu x2 

Red Garlic Jr.              

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