Virginia Regional Live Updates

139 players have entered and we’re starting round 1 live from The End Games in Charlottesville, Virginia!  Check out the stream at Next Level Z’s website and Twitch channel.



Style breakdown:

Black – 31

Blue – 33

Namekian – 26

Orange – 32

Red – 14

Saiyan – 3

With half the Swiss rounds completed, here are the remaining 4-0 decks:

Black Ginyu

Black Krillin x2

Namekian Piccolo

Orange Goku

Orange Ginyu

Orange Krillin x2

Red Krillin

Stay tuned to see if these decks can remain undefeated through four more rounds of Swiss.


No decks made it through unscathed, but here are the top 16 players (in no particular order):


Aaron Charles
Alex Bolton
Anthony Eason
Ben Bush
Bradul Ortiz
Chad Pennell
Christopher Belanger
Collin Kaiser
Dillon Warren
Elmer Walter
Jermol Jupiter
Jon Sweeney
Joseph Walter
Justin Shingle
Shannon Jakul
Timothy Batow

And the types of decks are:

Orange Ginyu

Orange Goku

Orange Krillin

Black Krillin x7

Black Raditz

Black Ginyu

Blue Wheelo

Blue Piccolo

Blue Ginyu

Red Krillin


Top 4 match-ups!

Tim Batow (Orange Goku) vs. Ben Bush (Black Krillin)

Christopher Belanger (Red Krillin) vs. Elmer Walter (Blue Ginyu)


The Virginia finals pits Tim Batow’s Orange Goku deck vs. Elmer Walter’s Blue Ginyu!


Elmer Walter wins the Virginia regional; both he and Tim Batow qualify for the World Championship.


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