Tournament Guide Update, Virginia Deck Lists, and Upcoming Regionals!

Hello everyone! The results from Virginia are in, and you can find the deck lists below. Furthermore, the tournament guide has been updated with some extra attention to the top cut rounds.

The Tournament Guide has been updated to V1.2, and you can find it in the Tournament Documents section. Please note the added emphasis on the severity of top cut infractions.

Last weekend, 139 Z Warriors stepped into the arena at The End Games in Charlottesville, Virginia. The diversity of the environment was staggering, with four of the six Styles having nearly equal representation. After surviving eight rounds of Swiss, the players in the top cut had a wide array of unique and interesting builds. In the end, format stalwart Blue Ginyu (Elmer Walter) faced off against the breakout deck of the tournament – Orange Goku (Tim Batow). Elmer won the match 2-0, and Ginyu has claimed his first tournament win of the season!


Deck lists from Top 4:

The excitement rolls on this weekend in Avondale, Arizona, and you can pre-register for the Regional by visiting Play or Draw Gaming (please note: there will not be streaming or video from this event). After that, the next Regional takes place in Lenexa, Kansas; make sure to pre-register at Collector’s Cache or visit their site for more information. If you plan on attending an upcoming Regional, be sure to familiarize yourself with the updated Tournament Guide and fill out a Deck Registration Form in advance.

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  1. We’re excited here in the Ari/Nev/Cali area! I’m not sure why these events cannot guarantee a streamed video. It’s 2015, kids stream every day. Still excited and appreciative though.


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