Arizona Regional – Conclusion

It’s a hot and sunny day in Avondale, Arizona! The first round of the third Dragon Ball Z Regional Tournament has started here at Play or Draw, and players are ready to find out who the newest players to qualify for the World Championships will be!

Here are the event vitals:

Total Round 1 Players:  88

Blue Protective Mastery – 18
Red Enraged Mastery – 18
Black Devious Mastery – 24
Orange Adaptive Mastery – 11
Namekian Knowledge Mastery – 15
Saiyan Empowered Mastery – 2

Today’s event will be 7 rounds of Swiss with a top cut of 16.

Feature matches are being recorded by Top Tier DBZ and will be posted sometime later in the day. So far notable players that have graced the camera are veteran player Brian Valdez and real life rockstar Elliott Gruenberg.


Round 4 is in the books and as we prepare for round 5 the field of undefeated players has narrowed down. Here are the undefeated decks at 4-0:

Black Mastery – Krillin     x3
Black Mastery – Nappa
Blue Mastery – Piccolo
Orange Mastery – Goku
Namekian Mastery – Lord Slug

With only 3 more rounds of Swiss to go, who will the top 16 be!?!


All 7 rounds of Swiss have been completed and the top 16 are set. There were no undefeated players when the dust settled in the Arizona desert… The following are the different Mastery/MP combos that made it into the top:

Black Mastery – Krillin    x4
Black Mastery – Captain Ginyu   x2
Black Mastery – Nappa
Namekian Mastery – Piccolo  x2
Red Mastery – Garlic Jr.
Red Mastery – Piccolo
Blue Mastery – Piccolo  x2
Orange Mastery – Krillin
Orange Mastery – Captain Ginyu
Orange Mastery – Goku

Top 4… and the Road to the Finals!

After a long day of games, we have narrowed down the field to the final 4.

Table 1:   Blue Piccolo (Kelly C.) vs. Orange Goku (James H.)
Table 2:   Black Nappa (Matt W.)  vs. Black Ginyu (Noel V.)

… and with that two emerged victorious!

Table 1:  Orange Goku  vs.  Black Ginyu

After a long and hard fought match, James Howe running Orange Goku defeated Noel Valles (Black Capt. Ginyu) in game three to take home 1st place of the Arizona Regional held at Play or Draw in Avondale. Both James and Noel are now qualified for the 2015 DBZ World Championships!

Congratulations James and Noel!