Kansas Regional Info

The fourth Regional of the season takes place this Saturday at Collector’s Cache in Lenexa, Kansas!

Over 130 participants have already expressed interest in attending the Regional, so it’s sure to be a huge event. Make sure that you arrive early for the 9 AM registration window. The tournament is scheduled to start at 10 AM, and you can find more information on the tournament page of Collector’s Cache.

With an event of this magnitude, you’ll definitely want to save time by filling out your deck registration form in advance. Make sure you’re also familiar with the most recent versions of the CRD and Tournament Guide, both found in the Tournament Documents section.

For those of you at home, the store will be streaming matches from the event on their Twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/collectorscache with commentary from the Next Level Z folks.  We will also be updating the blog with updates from the event.

Good luck to all attendees this weekend, and here’s looking forward to seeing what wins next!