Kansas City Regional – Updates

The Dragon Ball Z Regional event at Collector’s Cache in Lenexa, KS is officially underway! 192 players turned out to battle for eight rounds and take their shot at making top sixteen!

Today’s event ended up with the following counts on Mastery types:

Black Mastery – 58
Namekian Mastery – 17
Blue Mastery – 55
Red Mastery – 29
Orange Mastery – 25
Saiyan Mastery – 8

Rd1 - KC

With a crowd of 192 players, packs will be given out all the way down to 96th place. In addition to the promos and cash prizes, everyone in the top 16 (except 1st/2nd place) will take home at least 24 packs each.


ROUND 5 – Update!

After round five ended, the field of players with no loss has been narrowed down. Left at the top of the field are:

Black Mastery – Krillin  x2
Black Mastery – Capt. Ginyu
Black Mastery – Garlic Jr.
Blue Mastery – Piccolo
Red Mastery – Garlic
Orange Mastery – Krillin



After a very long day of hard fought matches, the top 16 players have been determined. For the first time all season, one deck has emerged as a clear dominant deck through Swiss here in Kansas City. Here is the breakdown of Mastery/MP combinations:

Black Mastery – Krillin   x 10
Black Mastery – Capt. Ginyu
Red Mastery – Garlic Jr.
Orange Mastery – Krillin
Blue Mastery – Capt. Ginyu
Blue Mastery – Piccolo
Namekian Mastery – Piccolo

We are well on the road to qualifying two more players for the 2015 World Championships here at Collector’s Cache in Lenexa, KS!

UPDATE – Top 4 … and the road to the finals!

WOW! What an exciting day full of Dragon Ball Z in Kansas! Collector’s Cache has been a wonderful host to eight strong rounds of Swiss and a very competitive top cut. We have seen a dominating performance by Black Devious Mastery paired with the SDCC Krillin… but how would it fare in the top cut?

Top four consisted of the following matchups:

TABLE 1:     Troy Nelson  (Black – Krillin)  vs.   Phillip Bui  (Blue – Capt. Ginyu)
TABLE 2:     Shannon Jakul  (Black – Krillin)  vs.  Nick Toth  (Orange – Krillin)

Four players, Three Krillins, Two Black Devious Masteries, and a partridge and a pear tree later, we had our finals match and two new qualified players for the 2015 World Championships!

Troy Nelson (Black – Krillin)  vs.  Nick Toth  (Orange – Krillin)

In an event that included players from 21 different states (including Alaska) and 192 total players, your winner of the 2015 Kansas City Regional is….

Troy Nelson with his Black Devious Mastery Krillin build in three games!

Thanks to Next Level Z and Collector’s Cache for a great event and a great twitch TV stream today. Who will be the next to qualify for the World Championships? Check back in two weeks when we travel to Kentucky for the next Regional on the circuit.

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  1. If anyone is there tell them that they need to fix all the spelling errors on cards especially character names like tIenshenhan jEIce ChaoTzu leaving out letters like a champ panini.


    • All character names are subject to approval and correction by Funimation and Toei. You’re welcome to comment to them about how you think names should be spelled!

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