Kansas Recap – Reign of Krillin

Hi folks! The Kansas Regional was our largest yet, with 192 participants showing up to duel it out for Worlds invites, cash, and glory!

The Style breakdown for this tournament saw an intriguing departure from last weekend. Despite earning Worlds invites at two straight events, Orange represented only 13% of all decks. Blue (55 players) returned to prominence, trailing only Black (58 players). Together, they combined to make up nearly 60% of the field.

Varying anger based strategies in Namekian, Red, and Saiyan are all weaker in a format of heavy Blue, though they should have favorable matchups against Black control or slower Orange builds. Will we see control decks warp themselves in an arms race over board control cards, or will a new contender emerge and prey on the slowed metagame? It does seem like several decks are cheating on physical defense lately – food for thought.

There have been several “breakout” moments for most of the key archetypes this season. Blue Piccolo, Orange Goku, and Captain Ginyu have all had their time to shine. After the giant pool of competitors was thinned to the top cut, it became clear that this was the event of Black Krillin – taking up 10 out of 16 slots (and 3/4 of T4)!

In the end, it was fitting that Troy Nelson piloted Black Krillin to a win over Nick Toth’s Orange Krillin. It is certainly Krillin’s moment in the spotlight, though he’d better enjoy it while it lasts – Dragon Ball Z Evolution is just two months away! Congratulations to Troy and Nick – see you at Worlds!

Kansas Top 4:

The next regional on September 5th at Hard Knox Games & Hobbies in Kentucky is looking to be just as big! Be sure to check out their store website and Facebook page for registration information, and you can always print out your deck list in advance.

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