Kentucky Regional Live Updates (Last update: 12:00 AM)

We’re live here at at Kentucky with a final player count of 221! Check back throughout the day for updates and coverage of the top cut.

Metagame breakdown at a glance:

Black – 74

Blue – 37

Orange – 36

Red – 34

Namekian – 30

Saiyan – 10

IMG_9412 IMG_9414 IMG_9415

Next Level Z is recording featured matches for later viewing:

  • R1: Frisco Fahs vs. Alec Ruden
  • R2: Shaun Hindman vs. Nick Rodriguez
  • R3: Dustin Morabito vs. Brian Frankford

Round 3 Action: Turles holding it down at the top table!



Round 4 featured match (recorded): Alex Bolton vs. Brenton Jones

Round 5 featured match (recorded): Elmer Walter (Blue Ginyu) vs. Thomas Engel (Blue Ginyu)

Round 6 featured match (recorded): Hadi Dermagozzin (Red Turles) vs. Christopher Sharp (Saiyan Raditz)

The event is being played at several locations throughout the mall, and there has been a great deal of interest from the general public! It appears some cosplay has broken out…


After a scintillating eight rounds, top 16 is underway.


  • Ethan Reed
  • Tyren Dover
  • Stephen Ward
  • Basem Alsalah
  • Alex Bolton
  • Ryan Lambdin
  • John Johnson
  • David Lusting
  • Alec Ruden
  • Anthony Eason
  • Josh Thomas
  • Matthew Arra
  • Cody Martin
  • Darryl Fisher
  • Elmer Walter
  • Tyler Martin

Finals: Elmer Walter (Blue Ginyu) defeats Alec Ruden (Black Garlic) – GOODNIGHT!