Chicago Regionals Live Updates (Complete)


Round 1 is underway at Chicago with 212 participants! Check back throughout the day for coverage, and you can watch streaming coverage on

Style Breakdown:

Red – 28

Orange – 29

Namekian – 28

Saiyan – 10

Blue – 49

Black – 68

Several interesting builds are here today, including a unique Black Garlic Jr sitting at 2-0. Check out James Stadtmiller vs Jake Ferrari on the stream now!


Saiyan Turles at 5-1 vs Black Ginyu streaming now – Saiyan may see its first Regional top cut of the season?!


Top 16:

Stephen Swanson – Red Garlic

Scott Holbrook – Orange Ginyu

Alan Nagorny – Blue Nappa

Brian Peterson – Blue Ginyu

Jonathon Lomax – Orange Ginyu

Anthony Gonzalez – Saiyan Turles

Devin Rattenni – Saiyan Turles

David Meckler – Orane Ginyu

Cain Buckley- Black Turles

Matt Tambor – Black Ginyu

Cody Jakobitz – Orange Krillin

Anthony Eason – Blue Ginyu

David Pena – Blue Piccolo

Joseph Zwack – Blue Ginyu

Brandon Woodward – Black Krillin


Anthony G. ( Saiyan Turles) vs. Devin R. (Saiyan Turles)

Matt T (Black Ginyu) vs David M (Ginyu)

David P (Blue Piccolo) vs Alan N (Blue Nappa)

Cody J (Orange Krillin ) Jarret M (Black Krillin)


Anthony Gonzalez (Saiyan Turles) vs. Matt Tambor (Black Ginyu)

David Pena (Blue Piccolo DBV) vs. Jarret McBride (Black Krillin)

Finals – Game 3 is taking place off site, and it’s a battle of wills (and chills)!


David takes game three, thanks to everyone and goodnight!