Chicago Recap, Launch Kit Update, and Android 20!

You can find a full breakdown of the Chicago Regionals below, as well as a bonus preview from Dragon Ball Z: Evolution!

212 players made their way to the Chicago Regionals, which was hosted at the Accenture Center by Nerd Rage Gaming. There was a great deal of innovation on display, including a small contingent of players building upon the success that Saiyan Turles had at the Australian Nationals.

The cut to top 16 featured several dark horse contenders, with two Saiyan decks (which faced off against each other in top 8!), Blue Nappa, and Black Turles. The finals match between David Pena (Blue Piccolo DBV) and Matt Tambor (Black Ginyu) went the full three games – and continued to play on after the venue had closed down!


David emerged victorious, giving a pure Dragon Ball Victory deck its first tournament win of the season!

Chicago T4:

Congratulations to the finalists for qualifying, and remember that only four events remain until Worlds!

Up next is Colorado, and you can find more information here.  On top of all that, Dragon Ball Z: Evolution is fast approaching! You’ll be able to find a full list of launch event locations leading up to the release. (Note: launch kits were erroneously noted to  come with two new play mats – the kits contain one new mat, and one previously released mat.)

Bonus previews! Android 20 explodes onto the scene without warning, and he’s bringing some amazing Named cards with him.

Android 20 – Focused is a master of stage control. With a whopping 4 PUR on Level 1, you’ll have plenty of stages to pay for his Power. Gaining knowledge of your opponent’s hand is always useful, and direct stage drain can put a huge dent in many currently popular strategies. Android 20’s Powers also grant him nearly constant access to non-Styled Drills, which includes this:

Android 20’s Scouting Drill will look familiar to fans of the old game, and his persistent usage of this drill might remind you of Trunks HT (though quite a bit more fair!). Energy beatdown decks have a new menace to address!

On Level 2, Android 20 maintains the ability to search out a drill – though only “when entering combat.” His Constant abilities truly shine against other control decks, as he can outlast other passive decks while also controlling the board.

Android 20 – Surprised ensures access to Android 20’s Scouting Drill, but don’t forget cards like Lookout Drill, Quickness Drill, or even the upcoming Acquisition Drill! A heavy commitment to Freestyle Drills will also ensure that his activated Power is getting max value.

Level 4 culminates in a permanent Scouting Drill style Power, while also allowing your amassed Drills to become a victory condition.

Android 20 also has access to Android 19 – Injured. Android 19 is especially attractive with Blue Tag Team Mastery, but his overall usefulness shines in nearly every build.

Finally, Android 20’s Domination is a multifaceted attack that deals damage in the form of Life Cards. Aside from more automatic stage loss, it also provides more ways to disrupt opposing decks while slowly sculpting control over the board. (Note: This is a Physical Combat card, and will be noted as such in the upcoming pre-release CRD). 

There you have it! Android 20 allows for some exciting new builds, and you”ll notice several powerful interactions with previously underused cards.

Check back tomorrow for Android 18 and Black Perceptive Mastery, and get ready for Dragon Ball Z: Evolution to release on October 30th!


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    • Yeah, I too am worried that this could be broken, but upon further reflection I am thinking that the meta game will change to account for this. Android 20 is the answer to the popular energy beatdown decks, however his drill and abilities are not nearly as effective against physical beatdown. However, with his energy drain, even physical beatdown will have some trouble against him, but we haven’t seen all the cards released yet.


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