Rule Book 2.0 and CRD Update

The rule book has been updated to V2.0, and you can download it here. All Dragon Ball Z: Evolution Starter Decks will contain this version of the rule book.

The newest CRD is also available in the Tournament Documents section, and new additions are in red. Note that the update to Lookout Drill does not change its function beyond clarifying that it works against any effect (including effects in parentheses).

Aside from clarifications, V4.0 of the CRD also contains balance updates to card text. Orange Uppercut may only search for a Styled card, Black Corruption must be discarded during combat for its Banish effect, and Namekian Knowledge Mastery does not destroy a card when your opponent plays a Dragon ball. Moving forward, you’ll generally see cards with updated text receive a Most Recent Printing to reflect the changes.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Note: The changes to Black Corruption, Namekian Knowledge Mastery, and Orange Uppercut do not go into effect until 11/1. Otherwise, the entirety of CRD v4.0 goes into effect immediately. These changes will not apply for the Toronto or California events, but will be applicable for the Texas Regional – plan accordingly!

Tomorrow, check back for a full breakdown of Android 19 – as well as the Ultra Rare cards Defiant Challenge and Hidden Power Drill. Also, the Colorado Regional/Australian Nationals deck lists will go up on Wednesday. Finally, the last few Worlds invites are up for grabs this weekend at the California Regional and Canada Qualifier! After that, Evolution will be unleashed on the metagame – with the final Regional of the season in Texas!

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