Colorado Regional Live Updates: COMPLETE


Hi folks! Check back throughout the day for updates from today’s Colorado Regional. You can watch live streaming courtesy of Next Level Z at

Attendance is set at 102 players, with the following deck breakdown:

  • Black – 32
  • Blue – 21
  • Red – 9
  • Orange – 19
  • Namekian – 16
  • Saiyan – 5

Round 2 is underway! Check out James White (Orange Krillin) vs Cody Floyd (Black Ginyu) streaming now.


Some end of round action drawing a crowd!

The tournament marches on, Round 3 is underway with Tony Ortiz (Black Ginyu) facing off against Justin McBride (Blue Piccolo), streaming now!


Round 4 is about to begin, with quite a few rogue decks competing at the top tables! Check out Black Frieza vs. Red Garlic Jr on the stream, starting now.

Round 6 is underway, and the crunch is on to see who will qualify for the cut to T16. Kevin Bock (Orange Ginyu) and Will Houser (Black Krillin) are on stream now, each sitting at 4-1!


The final round! Check out the stream to see Rich Bondi (Namekian Piccolo) against TJ Braden (Saiyan Goku) in a battle to make top cut!


Top 16 is almost underway! In no particular order:

  • Seth Vigil (Red Frieza)
  • Timothy Cable (Namekian Nail)
  • Bradul Ortiz (Black Ginyu)
  • John Milner (Namekian Piccolo)
  • Joseph Inisinna (Namekian Piccolo)
  • Cody Jakobitz (Orange Krillin)
  • David Pena (Blue Piccolo)
  • Jarret McBride (Black Krillin)
  • Anthony Eason (Blue Ginyu)
  • Justin McBride (Blue Piccolo)
  • Saul Pena (Black Krillin)
  • Eric Melone (Orange Ginyu)
  • James White (Orange Krillin)
  • Will Houser (Black Krillin)
  • Bruce Crawford (Orange Ginyu)
  • Joey Walter (Black Krillin)


T4 is about to begin, with Joey Walter (Black Krillin) vs. Joseph Inisinna (Piccolo Namekian) and Eric Melone (Orange Ginyu) vs. Jarret McBride (Black Krillin)


Finals: Joseph Insinna vs. Eric Melone, starting on stream soon!

Eric wins 2-1, congratulations and thanks to everyone!