California Regional Updates – Final

90 players have arrived for the California regional at Forgotten Path Games in sunny Vacaville.  You can follow the action on the Dragon Ball Radio stream here and we’ll be updating this post as the day goes on.

Here is the deck breakdown:

Black – 26

Blue – 16

Namekian – 20

Orange – 12

Red – 10

Saiyan – 6


7 players remain undefeated after four rounds – Steven Pehl (Orange Krillin), Will Houser (Black Krillin), Christopher Huber (Black Krillin), Jarrett McBride (Black Krillin), Dustin Collins (Black Ginyu), Jonathan Browe (Orange Krillin) and Eric Ruth (Red Garlic).  Stay tuned to see if any of these players can finish seven rounds with a perfect record.


After seven grueling rounds, the following players and decks have made it to the top 16.

Douglas Perdomo – Black Krillin

Chandler Stewart – Black Krillin

Jarrett McBride – Black Krillin

Frankie Mach – Black Krillin

Chris Huber – Black Krillin

Will Houser – Black Krillin

Sam Bartholomew – Black Garlic

Matt Malley – Orange Ginyu

Bryce Heckman – Orange Ginyu

Ashir Amer – Orange Krillin

Paul Murillo – Red Goku

Faris Alwawi – Red Tenshinhan

Grant Abbott – Red Ginyu

Scott Sundman – Namekian Piccolo

John Milner – Namekian Piccolo

Brandon Bartholomew – Blue Ginyu


The round of 16 saw all three Red decks knocked out; here are the pairings for top 8:

Jarrett McBride (Black Krillin) vs John Milner (Namekian Piccolo)

Brandon Bartholomew (Blue Ginyu) vs Bryce Heckman (Orange Ginyu)

Douglas Perdomo (Black Krillin) vs Matt Malley (Orange Ginyu)

Will Houser (Black Krillin) vs Scott Sundman (Namekian Piccolo)


Top 4 pairings:

Jarrett McBride (Black Krillin) vs Brandon Bartholomew (Blue Ginyu)

Douglas Perdomo (Black Krillin) vs Will Houser (Black Krillin)


Jarrett McBride and Douglas Perdomo both qualify for Worlds and will battle out a mirror match to see who is the California Regional champion.


Jarrett wins in three games; congratulations to both qualifiers and goodnight from California!