Texas Regional Recap and Rules FAQ!

The final Regional of the Season took place last weekend in Fort Worth, Texas – view the full results below! Also, make sure to check out the new rules FAQ with some additional clarifications on parenthetical text.

131 players showed up to battle it out at the Forth Worth Convention Center (hosted by Area 51), and excitement was in the air. While the player-base has been buzzing with the new possibilities in Evolution, it seemed that most were content to stick with something tried and true – perhaps a wise choice with the final invites on the line! After a nearly all Piccolo top 16 cut, the finals came down to John Milner (Namekian Piccolo) against Jonathon Torres (Blue Ginyu). 

Similar to Jarret McBride’s progression, John Milner has made it further and further the last few weeks – finally capping it off with both a Worlds invite and Regional win! Congratulations to the final two Qualified Players, and we are all looking forward to some new innovations at Worlds! If you are qualified for Worlds and have not been in contact with Panini, please make sure to read this post. To all the players that fought valiantly for a Worlds invite and came up short – thanks for your dedication, and there’s always next season. . .

Texas T4 Decks:


As noted in v2.0 of the rule book, parenthetical text “can never be overridden or superseded.” Parenthesis text is not an “effect,” compared to say immediate effects or HIT effects.

However, the effects generated/created by parenthesis text still have to abide by interaction with other effects. In basic language, this means that things like “Limit 2 per deck” and “Banish after use” cannot be interacted with – while things like the parenthetical text on Blue Tag Team Mastery, Black Dense Ball, and Black Corruption must still interact with other effects.
Blue Tag Team Mastery creates an effect that allows you to search your Life Deck, but Roshi’s effect does not allow the Life Deck to be searched (and thus you would not search).

Black Dense Ball creates an effect that stops an energy attack, and it can be used against Krillin’s Destructo Disk. However, Krillin’s Destructo Disk cannot be stopped (and thus is successful).

Black Corruption creates an effect that banishes the top 2 cards of your opponent’s Life Deck, but Lookout Drill’s effect reduces that amount to 0 (and thus you would not banish 2).

Again, please note that parenthesis text is not an “effect.” For example, Black Chin Kick’s ability to turn off the “effects” of all Allies would not stop Vegeta’s parenthetical text from being used. Similarly, cards that are are “(Banish after use.)” would still be banished after using Heroic Energy Sphere against them.

Finally, Blue Entertaining Drill requires the effect to be capable of actually raising or lowering your opponent’s anger. You would not be able to use Blue Entertaining Drill against an opponent at 0 anger.

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