DBZ World Championship Reminders

Worlds is approaching fast – make sure you’re up to date!

Qualified Players:

  • Jacob Schmidt
  • Matthew Ribeiro
  • Phil McGrath
  • Shaun Hindman
  • Arvel Rowe
  • Jay Banna
  • Elmer Walter
  • Tim Batow
  • James Howe
  • Noel Valles
  • Troy Nelson
  • Nick Toth
  • Alec Ruden
  • Stephen Ward
  • Ryan Krueger
  • Stephen Wallace
  • Joseph Walter
  • Tony Esquivel
  • Fahad Rahman
  • Kuan-Ju Li
  • Brett Watson
  • Kurt Spiess
  • David Pena
  • Matt Tambor
  • Eric Melone
  • Joseph Insinna
  • Jarrett McBride
  • Douglas Perdomo
  • Spencer Gerhardt
  • Nick Wasinski
  • John Milner
  • Jonathan Torres

If you have not yet contacted OP@paniniamerica.net, it is imperative that you do so immediately.

ARG $1000 Qualifier

Don’t forget, an invitation to Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z TCG 2016 World Championship is on the line too! Pre-register with Alter Reality Games here.

Hotel Information

Please note that the $99 group rate for the host venue is available through November 20th. You can book your room with the Sheraton Airport Hotel by clicking here.

More to Come

Check back throughout the month as we continue to roll out more Worlds info, including the reveal of Player Credentials! Special passes will be issued to Staff, Qualifier Attendees, and VIP Worlds Participants. These exclusive items (and many more!) will be available only at Worlds, don’t miss out!