Worlds Exclusive Prizes – Part II (edit 11/21)

Hi folks! We’ll be wrapping up this week of Worlds coverage with a sneak peek at the exclusive promo cards (all on Movie Collection foil) – including the much awaited Heroic and Villainous Energy Spheres!

First off, all 32 Worlds Qualified players (and the top performer of this season) will receive the previously released Gen-Con promos:

Worlds will also see the release of Namekian Onslaught and Saiyan Energy Focus. Qualified players will receive three copies of these:


Finally, the highly anticipated alternate art Energy Spheres will also be unleashed at Worlds, with about 200 in circulation (depending on Points prizes)!

The players battling for the title of World Champion will be awarded these cards simply for showing up, but there is still more at stake. Who will take home the trophy, and the $7000 cash prize along with it?!

Continue checking the blog for additional info as we approach Worlds – including more swag details, venue attractions, and other surprises!

Note: If you’ve recently submitted a packaging error for Evolution, replacements are now in stock and available to ship – please resubmit your request if it was closed previously.