Worlds Exclusives – Part III

More goodies keep rolling off the production line – check out the continued coverage of Worlds swag below!

Player credentials will be your on site access to the venue, as well as a memorable keepsake of the event. Whether you’re a VIP participant in the World Championship, an entrant in the ARG hosted Qualifier Tournament, or volunteer at the event – there’s a badge for you! They are also pretty good for autographs…


If you’ve qualified for Worlds, all of your prizes and memorabilia will be presented in a Panini bag.


However, the winner of the World Championship will need more than just this bag to carry home the $7000 prize check!


The excitement continues to mount, with only two weeks left until the World champion is decided! There are still more Worlds announcements to come, and you might want to get your Sharpies ready…