2015 Dragon Ball Z TCG World Championship Live Coverage



Check back throughout the day for live updates from Worlds, beginning at 10 am!

Live streaming will be available courtesy of Next Level Z at http://www.twitch.tv/nextleveldbz


—– 10.26 AM update

The first round is underway, and the amount of decks types on display is staggering!

Orange – Android 20 Adaptive x2 , Android 18 Adaptive, Ginyu Adept

Red – Turles Ruthless x2 , Piccolo Enraged, Ginyu Enraged

Saiyan – Goku God Empowered

Black Devious- Ginyu, Krillin(Comic-Con)  x5, Android 20 x2

Blue – Ginyu Protective x3, Ginyu Tag Team, Android 17 Protective x2, Goku Relaxed Tag Team x2, Android 20 Protective

Namekian Knowledge – Piccolo Stoic x5, Piccolo Composed

The ARG Qualifier Tournmaent is also in full swing, with over 108 players vying for a 2016 Invite!

——11.43 AM Update.

Round two is coming to a close, and the competition is already starting to heat up. The Qualifier Tournament breakdown is also in, with 7 Saiyan, 21 Red, 22 Namekian, 7 Orange, 24 Black, and 21 Blue.

—-2.36 PM Update

The lunch break is completed and round 4 is coming to a close. Justin Cook (Raditz) is in the house! Only one round remains until the top cut, and Mike McFarland will be available for signings later.


—-3.08 PM  Update

The final round has begun, and its shaping up to be an amazing top 8. Check back later for the announcement of top cut!

—-5.00 PM Update is underway

T8 Matchups:

Phil McGrath vs Joey Walter

Tim Batow vs. Stephen Wallace

John Milner vs. Fahad Rahman

Spencer Gerhardt vs. David Pena

8th-16th (cash finishers):

9. Kurt Spiess

10. Troy Nelson

11. Matthew Riberio

12. Noel Valles

13. Shaun Hindman

14. Nick Wasinski

15. Jonathan Torres

16. Tony Esquivel

—-10 PM Update

In T4, Tim Batow (Orange 20 Control) defeated David Pena (Black Krillin DBV) and Phil McGrath (Orange 20 Control) defeated Fahad Ramad (Black Krillin).

Tim and Phil will square off in the finals – starting soon on the stream!

—-Final Update

Tim Batow is the new DBZ TCG World Champion! Thanks to everyone for attending, watching online, or volunteering – and stay tuned for more post-event coverage next week.



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