Regional Participation Points – Rankings Announced!

Throughout each season of Organized Play, participants are able to accumulate Regional Participation Points (“RPP”) by attending events. Additional points are awarded for making the “Top Cut” elimination rounds. Check out the top point earners from this season below!

  • Rich Bondi
  • Anthony Eason
  • David Meckler
  • Tony Ortiz
  • Chad Scott
  • Josh Thomas

Each of these players showed extreme dedication, with all making it out to six or more events. Their level of play remained consistently high throughout the season, as each player also made at least one top cut.

These top six players that did not qualify for Worlds will receive one of each Worlds participation promo:

  • Heroic Energy Sphere
  • Villainous Energy Sphere
  • Namekian Onslaught
  • Saiyan Energy Focus
  • Black Power Up
  • Orange Power Point
  • Devastating Blow

Congratulations to the top ranked players, and thanks to everyone for attending events throughout the season! With Season 2 and Perfection looming, it’s already time to start thinking about the next round of points…