7 DBs, 7 Tidbits

Check out the latest info below:

1. We need contact information for the following players. If you are one of the four players listed below, please e-mail op@paniniamerica.net with your shipping address:

  • Chad Scott
  • Josh Thomas
  • Anthony Eason
  • David Meckler

2. The Michigan 1k that took place last weekend was won by Dustin Morabito and his Namekian Restored Piccolo beatball deck. Namekian Knowledge Piccolo was already a strong contender, but it will be interesting to see where Restored falls in the meta.

3. Micro-strategy of the moment: when in doubt, enter combat…

4. A recent rules scenario for an Orange Adept Mastery deck:

You control Orange Devouring Drill and play Acquisiton Drill. Devouring’s “When you play a Drill” effect allows you to banish it to level. Set your MP to full, then discard all of your Drills. Adept Mastery’s “after your MP advances a level” effect takes place.

Acquisition Drill’s “after this drill enters play” effect would take time at this place – if it was still in play. However, similar to Vegeta level 1, the effect of the drill does not take place since it is not present.

5. Card on the rise: Red Ruthless Mastery. Ruthless has seen a general uptick in play in the post Worlds meta, but Red Turles is quickly cementing itself as a cornerstone of the meta. Several decks in public consciousness are knocking on the door of the established top tier (Blue Protective 17 comes to mind), but Ruthless Turles is putting up undeniable results. Skimping on physical defense may no longer be an option, which of course decreases the efficiency of control decks in the format…

6. We’ve received a few questions about exactly how Cell will be distributed. In booster packs, Cell’s MP levels will be available as Dragon Rares. Dragon Rare or “DR” cards are a new classification of rarity – just like C, UC, R, and UR. Beyond the DR pack versions of Cell (which are all foil), Cell will also come as a “box topper.” In each sealed box of Perfection, one random level of Cell (1-4) will be inserted as a HT/Prizm card.

As far as Cell’s actual MP Powers, there was a marked effort to make sure that he has synergy in several different Styles. Cell MP? It’s good.

7. Perfection previews will be here before you know it, and as usual you’ll see a host of cards revealed through fan sites. We’ll be doing a full breakdown of each new MP, and you can vote in this poll to voice who you want to see first!

(Note: The poll is only open for one week.)

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  1. So stoked for this set! I think the new masteries are in much need of more support, except namekian xD, and expect to see it. I think the cell box topper/DR idea is fresh and innovative and will be a great boost to sales. I hope the game continues to thrive and can solidify its place among CCG’s/TCG’s. Happy New Year everyone!


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