Thank Guru It’s Friday

Hi folks! The end of another week means we are that much closer to the launch of Perfection. Is it February 26th yet?!

First, don’t forget that our MP reveal poll is still active. It seems that Cell has jumped out to an insurmountable lead, but maybe these breadcrumbs will turn the tide by Tuesday.


Excuse me, may I enter the meta?

In order of current poll ranking:

  • Cell has a named card that can advance him 2 MP levels.
  • Master Roshi is the first MP with a Defense Power on Level 1. The Constant Powers on his Level 3 and 4 are devastating against control decks.
  • Yamcha is a pest, with a steady stream of energy pokes and nifty effects to navigate the flow of combat.
  • Android 16 ignores the rules of the game on a fundamental level. One of his named cards is similar to an iconic freestyle Setup from the DBZ CCG, and it is brutally effective against many popular decks in the current environment.

While we prepare to ramp up news about season two of Organized Play, off-season action rolls on with the ARG Circuit. The next stop is just two weeks away in Arizona, and you can find more information here.

Next week, we’ll provide a breakdown of the Perfection Launch Kit. You won’t want to miss the new Ultra Pro play mats, exclusive promos (in the fan favorite [REDACTED] foil pattern), and more!

3 thoughts on “Thank Guru It’s Friday

  1. Oh jeez please not an another slug…dont give him a card like that and make his mp have a “mppv” restriction…defautly giving an mp an immediate 1 less win condition just ruins them…please oh please dont don’t that


  2. I am VERY interested to see the meta shaken up. It is has basically been the same since Set 1 outside of A20 entering the Tier 1 list.


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