Perfection Launch Kits

Hello everyone! Perfection is rapidly approaching, and you can find all of the Launch Kit details below:

Stores across the country will be hosting Launch Events when Perfection debuts on February 26th! In the past, Launch Kits have been shipped directly to stores by Panini (based on requests placed through distributors). Moving forward, your local store will be able to obtain Launch Kits directly through its distributor. Launch Kits are to promote tournament attendance, so only brick and mortar stores will be eligible. Contact your distributor for pre-order minimums, and email with any additional inquiries.

Each kit will include 20 Black Corruption (Participation Promo), 2 Quickness Drill (Top Player Promo), and 1 limited release Ultra Pro play mat:


Launch Events will have the option of two formats – Sealed or Launch Pack.

  • Sealed: Players construct a deck from 1 Evolution Starter + 3 Perfection Booster Packs

Launch Pack: Each player is required to bring one Starter Deck MP set and one Mastery, though some stores may provide them directly. From there, each player constructs a 60-card deck using eight booster packs. Stores can add an extra layer of strategy by implementing a draft (or random selection) of MPs and Masteries.

For both formats, Rainbow rules are in effect. Players may use any MP and Mastery combination, and decks may use cards of any Name, Alignment, and Style. Check with your store in advance to discuss preparation for your local format and we’ll post a list of launch kit locations as the date nears.

Previews for Perfection will be here before you know it, so stay tuned to the blog for a full breakdown of each new MP. Based on the results of last week’s poll, we’ll be rolling out character reveals in the following order:

  • Cell
  • Master Roshi
  • Yamcha
  • #16