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Leading up to the February 26th launch of Dragon Ball Z: Perfection, we’ll be unveiling a new MP every Friday. What could be more appropriate than kicking things off with the perfect being? Strap on your technicolor dreamcoat…

First, a few words about Perfection. One of the primary goals of this set was to build upon interactions with the new Mastery cards from Evolution, so you’ll notice a lot of “stamped” effects as a result. Similarly, there are some new sub-themes that require you to use specific MPs or build your deck differently in order to maximize their benefits. Keep your eyes peeled for the new “Sword” archetype, as well as effects that require your Level 4 to have a low power level. Other trends to observe include: increased emphasis on Named cards, new interactions that punish or reward Styled/non-Styled ratios, and a smattering of stage gain effects. Finally, note that the templates have been slightly revamped. Oh, and the foil pattern will melt minds.

From top to bottom, Cell is steeped in flavor. As the only villain MP that can utilize all six Styles, it was important for Cell to have universal applications. At the same time, Cell has his own unique feel – as well as strategies that other decks can’t pursue!


Note: Preview images contain a “border bleed” that is not visible on the printed cards

Cell – Imperfect is the first MP with a Power that can perform a Styled attack. Right off the bat, you can envision positive interactions with Red Ruthless, Black Perceptive, Orange Adept, and both Saiyan Empowered/Rampaging. Meanwhile, the attack itself deals a significant amount of damage. There are pros and cons to an energy attack dealing stages, but Cell’s versatility allows you to maximize damage efficiency. The HIT effect incentivizes a high Styled count, and stage management will become an increasingly relevant in the upcoming meta.


Cell Level 2 lacks an action, but his Constant Power gives mid-combat relevance. Cell not only promotes Styled card usage within his own deck, but also punishes builds that rely too heavily on non-Styled cards. The ability to pester (or entirely lock down!) cards like Crushing Beam, Sinister Choke, and Optic Blast is invaluable – not to mention all Ally attack Powers! 

Beyond stage-locking, Cell – Semi-Perfect also has an Instant Power that provides one of the most powerful searching effects in the game! Many Cell decks will camp on Level 1 for the consistent attack, but an equal amount may find themselves controlling the game on Level 2. Blue Dominance, anyone?


On Level 3, Cell gains access to an unpreventable attack dealing 7 life cards – along with the option to level hop! When paired with other auto-level effects, this Power allows Cell to consistently shift through levels with ease. Cards like Cell’s Draining Attack (see below), Orange Devouring Drill, Saiyan Empowered Mastery, I’ll Dig Your Grave, and Clash of Wills can be combined with this Power to burst up to Level 4 in the blink of an eye.


Cell – Unstoppable is a swiss army knife. In an MPPV deck looking to make the final push, Cell Level 4’s ability to find answers to Wall Breaker adds some extra consistency. Other decks may give up MPPV in order to reach Level 4 quickly, as the card advantage and high AT damage can quickly become overwhelming. You also gain some utility with ability to drop down a Level to lower your opponent’s MP. This can provide some much needed anti-anger in certain matchups, while also enabling things like Red Enraged Mastery or  revisiting the 7 life card attack.


Cell’s Draining Attack is immediately in the discussion for “most useful attack in the game.” The flat five stages of damage is sizable. The stage gain can provide surprise fuel for energy attacks at the end of a combat, or simply buffer against physical damage (without giving up MPPV). The optional auto-leveling provides even more physical defense, and triggers level hop chains with Level 3/4. Even beyond all that, the HIT effect makes any Ally deck fear the presence of Cell – while also providing burst combo potential for MPPV builds.


“Congratulations, you played yourself.”

Cell’s Style is one of the most devious cards in the format. Using an attack like Krillin’s Destructo Disk or Android 20’s Domination is powerful enough, but don’t forget that this effect effectively strips a copy of the card from your opponent’s deck. For Named attacks that are banished after use, this can be devastating. After your opponent’s Named attacks are depleted, Cell’s Style becomes a recursive mill engine. In many matchups, Cell’s Style can begin destroying cards on the first turn!

Cell’s attack Powers give him an Aggro slant, but his deck searching abilities allow him to also flourish in Control. If left unchecked, the Cell’s Style quickly becomes a victory condition against slower decks. These are just a few of Cell’s synergistic interactions, and there are still countless more to be discovered…

This is just the beginning! Check back next Tuesday for more previews, and prepare yourself for Roshi reveal on Friday. Starting next week, you’ll also be able to find previews on various fan sites.

Perfection awaits!

13 thoughts on “Perfection Previews: Cell

  1. I’m so happy to hear the words “sword” and “archtype” together again. I was a big fan of the deck and ran an Orange Trunks swordmaster deck during the Score days.


  2. I feel, that myself lacking energy spheres… I pretty much can’t compete now… If I put cells draining in a deck, I have a high likelihood of it being stolen (and that’s terrible). If I do then I’ll probably be sphered everytime I try and use cell’s style, as I imagine more people will run spheres now.

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  3. I like him.
    I do have a naggling thought in the back of my head, though.
    His level 1 seems slightly too high on the attack table and his level 4 looks slightly under powered (especially versus 17 and 18).

    Android 17, Judgmental A A B B C C C C C D D
    Android 17, Imposing A B B C C C D D D E E
    Android 17, Battle Ready A C C C D D D E E E E
    Android 17, In Action A C D D D E E E F F F

    Android 18, Directing A A B B C C C C C C D
    Android 18, Threatening A B B C C C D D D E E
    Android 18, Effective A C C C D D E E E E E
    Android 18, Determined A D E E E E E F F F F

    Cell, Imperfect A B B B C C C C C D D
    Cell, Semi-Perfect A B B C C C C D D E E
    Cell, Perfect A C C D D D D E E E F
    Cell, Unstoppable A C D D D D E E F F F


  4. Thank god Cell got excellent treatment! Here’s to me hoping that Broly will be the Saiyan style Messiah we need!


  5. Definitely blown away, better then I expected. I’m hoping this won’t turn the game into ‘what mastery do you play Cell with?’, although I’m inclined to wonder if all the new MPs won’t be equally as good.

    I’m interested in these ‘low powered level 4’ cards- I’ve got an unusual Willow deck I like which could benefit.

    Also, hoping this ‘Clash of Wills’ isn’t just a UR reprint of Aura Clash.

    And I’d love to know the incidence of Cell’s pack foil appearing. I’m debating on whether to order a case, as I’m sure others are.


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